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Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Buffy & John's Ski Home Away from Home

Buffy says "Hi" from New Hampshire.


We have been going to Waterville Valley in New Hampshire for over 20 years because it is a friendly, fun and laid back ski area where you can park your car when you arrive and not use it until you leave.

When the US Women's Pro Ski Tour visited Waterville Valley we were the only out of state participants in the Pro-Am Ski Race and have been adopted as "regulars" at WV.

Tom Gross, the local TV personality dedicates the day to John & Buffy when we arrive.


WV TV Dedicates Show to Buffy & John From NJ

Tom Gross, Dedicates TV Show to John & Buffy from Hidden Valley

Buffy in front of Snowy Owl

Buffy waits for the Bus to the mountain.

The Schush Bus takes us to the mountain.

Buffy & Sean, the Owner of the Cayote Grill - The Place to Eat in WV.

Buffy with Geoff - Our favorite bartender at the T  Bar

The Quad to the summit of Waterville Valley

Buffy takes a break on Sunny Side


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