Books Arranged by Title


20 Million Miles to Earth,  Henry Slesar

A Blonde for Murder,  Walter B. Gibson

A Bullet for Cinderella,  John D. MacDonald

A Christmas Carol,  Charles Dickens

A Columbus of Space,  Garrett P. Serviss

A Fighting Man of Mars,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Gent From Bear Creek,  Robert E. Howard

A Gent From Bear Creek (a novel),  Robert E. Howard

A Gun For Honey,  G. G. Fickling

A Man Obsessed,  Alan E. Nourse

A Man Without a Soul,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Most Immoral Murder,  H. Ashbrook

A Princess of Mars,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Queen of Atlantis,  Frank Aubrey

A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder,  James De Mille

A Woman to a Man,  C. Eadie Rickens

About Face,  Frank Kane

Adventures in Toyland,  Edith King Hall

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The,  Arthur Conan Doyle

Adventures of Tarzan,  Maude Robinson Toombs

Adventures of Toffee 1, The,  Charles F. Myers

Adventures of Toffee 2, The,  Charles F. Myers

Adventures of Toffee 3, The,  Charles F. Myers

Adventures of Toffee 4, The,  Charles F. Myers

Adventures of Toffee 5, The,  Charles F. Myers

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The,  Mark Twain

Afterglow, The,  George Allan England

Agony Column, The,  Earl Derr Biggers

Air Ship Boys or The Quest of the Aztec Treasure,  H. L. Saylor

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,  Lewis Carroll

Alien Atlas,  C. M. Anderson

Alien Minds,  E. Everett Evans

Allan Quatermain,  H. Rider Haggard

Almuric,  Robert E. Howard

Amazing Case of the Blond Dope Queen, The,  J. P. Carroll

America's Sweetheart,  by Mason Johns

Amusement Inc. vs The Scarlet Ace,  Theodore A. Tinsley

Amusement Inc. vs The Scarlet Ace,  Theodore A. Tinsley, LARGE PRINT

And Then The Town Took Off,  Richard Wilson

Anne Bonny Pirate Queen,  Douglas Brown (Walter B. Gibson)

Another Man's Claim,  Henry Whittier

Ant Men, The,  Eric North

Anything You Can Do ...,  Darrel T. Langart

Apache Devil,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ape-Men of Xlotli, The,  David R. Sparks

Armageddon - 2419 A.D./The Airlords of Han (Buck Rogers),  Philip Francis Nowlan

Art Treasure Murders, The,  John L. Benton

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 1: The Silent Bullet,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 2: The Poisoned Pen,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 3: The Dream Doctor,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 4: Guy Garrick,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 5: The War Terror,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 7: The Exploits of Elaine,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 14: The Treasure Train,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 18: The Master Mystery,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 20: The Film Mystery,  Arthur B. Reeve

Arthur B. Reeve Detective Series: Volume 33: The Gigolo Mystery,  Arthur B. Reeve

At the Earth's Core,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Atom Curtain, The,  Nick Boodie Williams

Aunt Jane's Nieces,  Edith Van Dyne (L. Frank Baum)


Back to the Wall,  Walter Cook

Bandit Brand,  Kenneth L. Sinclair

Bandit of Hell's Bend, The,   Edgar Rice Burroughs

Bantan of the Islands,  Maurice B. Gardner

Bare Trap,  Frank Kane

Barney Custer of Beatrice,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Bat-Men of Mars, The,  Wood Jackson

Battle Out Of Time,  Dwight V. Swain

Beasts of Tarzan, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Behind the Mask,  Erle Stanley Gardner

Beware! The Scientists Revolt,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Beyond the Great Oblivion,  George Allan England

Beyond the Great South Wall,  Frank Saville

Beyond Thirty,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Beyond Thirty and The Man-Eater,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Big Midget Murders, The,  Craig Rice

Bill Ward's Women,  Bill Ward (artist)

Black Amazon of Mars,  Leigh Brackett

Black Bat's Dragon Trail, The,  G. Wayman Jones

Black Bat's Spy Trail, The,  G. Wayman Jones

Black Beauty,  Anna Sewell

Black Box, The,  E. Phillips Oppenheim

Black Flame, The,  Stanley G. Weinbaum

Black Galaxy, The,  Murray Leinster

Black Star Passes, The ,  John W. Campbell

Black Wings of Death,  G. T. Fleming-Roberts

Blood of the Dragon,  Arthur J. Burks

Blood on the Sun,  Hal K. Wells

Blue Murder,  Robert Leslie Bellem 

Blue Rajah Murder, The,  Harold MacGrath

Bobby Benson and The Lost Herd,  Peter Dixon

Bobby Benson in the Tunnel of Gold/Bobby Benson and The Lost Herd,  Peter Dixon, Pulpville Double

Bodies in Bedlam,  Richard S. Prather

Bomba the Jungle Boy  Roy Rockwood

Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Abandoned City  Roy Rockwood

Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Giant Cataract  Roy Rockwood

Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Moving Mountain  Roy Rockwood

Bomba the Jungle Boy on Jaguar Island  Roy Rockwood

Book of the Hamburgs, The,  L. Frank Baum

Boston Blackie,  Jack Boyle

Bottom of the World and Other Stories, The,  Hulbert, Jane Ralston, and John C. Burroughs

Border Legion, The,  Zane Grey

Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery,  Walter B. Gibson

Breezy Stories,  Johnston McCulley, Erle Stanley Gardner, Ray Cummings, Murray Leinster, and more

Bridge of Light, The,  A. Hyatt Verrill

Bride of Osiris, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Bridge to Earth, The,  Robert Moore Williams

Brigands of the Moon,  Ray Cummings

Broken Glass,  Col. William T. Cowin

Bronc Buckaroo,  J. Edward Leithead

Brute Appeal,  by Cross McLeod

Bullard of the Space Patrol,  Malcolm Jameson

Butcher of Hell, The,  Steve Fisher

Butchers of the Range,  C. Compton McMillen


Canary Murder Case, The,  S. S. Van Dine

Captain Blood,  Rafael Sabatini

Captain Colt,  Frederick C. Painton (Facsimile)

Captain Colt,  Frederick C. Painton (re-typeset)

Captain Ebony,  a dime novel

Captain Fly-By-Night,  Johnston McCulley

Captain Future - Man of Tomorrow,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain Future's Challenge,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain Future Paperback Reprint Series,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain Future #1: The Space Emperor,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain Future #2: Calling Captain Future,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain Future #3: Captain Future's Challenge,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain Future #9: Planets In Peril,  Edmond Hamilton

Captain of the Burgher Guards, The,  John P. Ritter

Captain Trouble,  Perley Poore Sheehan

Captured on Venus,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Carnival Killer,  G. Morris Sand

Carson of Venus,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Carter of the Red Planet,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Case Files of Dan Turner Hollywood Detective #1, The,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Case Files of Dan Turner Hollywood Detective #2, The,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Case Files of Dan Turner Hollywood Detective #3, The,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Case of the Transposed Legs, The,  Harry Stephen Keeler

Case of the Unhappy Angels, The,  Geoffrey Homes

Cases of Stuart Bailey, The,  Roy Huggins

Cast Away at the Pole,  William Wallace Cook

Cave Girl, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cave Man, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Charlie Chan #1: The House Without A Key,  Earl Derr Biggers

Charlie Chan #2: The Chinese Parrot,  Earl Derr Biggers

Charlie Chan #1: Walk Softly, Strangler,  Robert Hart Davis/Michael Collins

Charlie Chan #2: The Silent Corpse,  Robert Hart Davis/Michael Collins

Charlie Chan #3: The Temple of the Golden Horde,  Robert Hart Davis/Bill Pronzini & Jeffrey M. Wallman

Charlie Chan #4: The Pawns of Death,  Robert Hart Davis/Dennis Lynds

Cherry Delight #1: The Italian Connection,  Glen Chase (Gardner F. Fox)

Cherry Delight #2: Tong in Cheek,  Glen Chase

Cherry Delight #3: Silverfinger,  Glen Chase

Cherry Delight #4: Up Your Ante,  Glen Chase

Chessmen of Mars, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Chicken Conscious,  by Patsy Hunt

Chinese Parrot, The,  Earl Derr Biggers

Cinderella/The Adventures of Cinderella

Cinema Murder, The,  E. Phillips Oppenheim

City of Fear,  Erle Stanley Gardner

City Under the Sea,  Kenneth Bulmer

Close to a Corpse,  C. K. M. Scanlon

Clue of the Hunted Vampire,  Vance Miller

Colonel Crum in The Cyclops' Eye and Other Stories,  John H. Knox (retypeset text)

Colonel Crum: The Midget Detective,  John H. Knox (facsimile reprint)

Columbia Publications Presents Science Fiction Classics

Complete Adventures of Toffee, The,  Charles F. Myers

Complete Stories of Doctor Satan, The,  Paul Ernst

Complete Stories of Sheena Queen of the Jungle, The,  James Anson Buck and Joseph W. Musgrave

Complete Text Stories From Horror Tales, Strange Galaxy, Tales From The Tomb,Tales of Voodoo, Terror Tales, Weird, Weird Worlds, and Witches' Tales, The,  compiled by Jerry L. Schneider

Conquest of the Moon,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Contraband,  Cleve F. Adams

Copper Disc, The,  Robert J. C. Stead

Cosmos,  Raymond A. Palmer and 17 other authors

Country Wench, The,  by Preston Hurley

Cowardly Lion of Oz, The,  by Ruth Plumly Thompson

Crime Spectacularist, The,  Lester Dent

Crimson Blight, The,  Arthur J. Burks

Crimson Friday,  Dorothy Cameron Disney

Cry Wolf,  Marjorie Carleton

Cue For Cinderella,  by Barnaby Ives

Cult of the Witch Queen,  by Richard S. Shaver and Bob McKenna

Custer Family Saga, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cynic, The,  Edmund Leamy


D-99,  H. B. Fyfe

Dan Fowler Man-Hunter in Hollywood Czar,  C.K.M. Scanlon

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #1,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #2,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #3,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #4,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #5,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #6,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #7,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #8,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #9,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #10,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #11,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Daughter of the Sun,  Gregory Jackson

Daughter of the Sun,  Johnston McCulley

Daughters of Destiny,  Schuyler Staunton (L. Frank Baum)

Days of Death, The,  John Grange

Dead Man Friday,  J. F. Hutton

Dead Man's Diary,  Brett Halliday

Dead Ringer,  James Hadley Chase

Deadly Curves,  Edward S. Aarons

Dealing Out Death,  W. T. Ballard

Death Kiss, The,  Lew McCoy

Death of a Puppeteer,  William Gray Beyer

Death Island,  C. K. M. Scanlon

Death on the Hook,  John K. Butler

Death Over San Silvestro,  Mike Teagle

Death Rides the Dondrino,  Roe Richmond

Death Slams the Door,  Paul Cade

Death Stalks the Night,  Hugh B. Cave

Deathworld,  Harry Harrison

Defiant Agents, The,  Andre Norton

Deja Vue! I've Read That Before!,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Delicate Darling, The,  Jack Webb

Desdamona Affair, The,  Clyde Allison

Devil in Iron, The,  Robert E. Howard

Dian of the Lost Land,  Edison Marshall

Dig A Dead Doll,  G. G. Fickling

Doctor Death,  Edward P. Norris

Doctor of Lesbos,  Anthony Gordon (Robert Leslie Bellem)

Doctor Syn,  Russell Thorndyke

Dominic Flandry Vol. 1,  Poul Anderson

Dominic Flandry Vol. 2,  Poul Anderson

Domino Lady, The,  Lars Anderson

Don Gringo,  William Colt MacDonald

Don Renegade,  Johnston McCulley

Don't Panic,  Geoff St. Reynard

Doomsday, 1999,  Paul MacTyre

Doomsday Planet,  Harl Vincent

Double Take, The,  Roy Huggins

Dracula,  Bram Stoker

Dracula's Guest,  Bram Stoker

Dr. Cyclops,  Will Garth

Drummers of Daugavo,  Dwight V. Swain

Drums of Tapajos, The,  Capt. S. P. Meek

Due or Die,  Frank Kane


Earl Derr Biggers Tells Fifteen Stories,  Earl Derr Biggers

Earl Derr Biggers Tells Six Stories,  Earl Derr Biggers

Earl Derr Biggers Tells Ten Stories,  Earl Derr Biggers

Earl Derr Biggers Tells Twenty-Three Stories,  Earl Derr Biggers

Earth, the Marauder,  Arthur J. Burks

Edgar Rice Burroughs Modern Mechanics and Inventions,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs The Fox,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edison's Conquest of Mars,  Garrett P. Serviss

Efficiency Expert, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Egyptian Scarab Mystery,  Andy Adams (Walter B. Gibson)

Elak of Atlantis and Prince Raynor,  Henry Kuttner

Enchantress of Lemuria,  Stanton A. Coblentz

Envoy to New Worlds,  Keith Laumer

Eric of Aztalan,  Ralph Milne Farley

Escape on Venus,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Eternal Lover, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Everybody Had A Gun,  Richard S. Prather

Everybody's Watching Me,  Mickey Spillane

Exile of the Skies, The,  Richard Vaughan

Expanded Moon Maid, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Explosion,  Dorothy Cameron Disney


Face of the Deep, The,  Edmund Hamilton

Face of the Man From Saturn, The,  Harry Stephen Keeler

Fall Guy, The,  Joe Barry

Fanged Death,  A. Leslie

Fare Enough,  by Carol Morgan

Fargo's Bitter Drink,  Luke Terry

Fast Buck, The,  Ross Laurence

Fate of a Crown, The,  Schuyler Staunton (L. Frank Baum)

Fifth Planet,  Fred Hoyle & Geoffrey Hoyle

Fifty Candles,  Earl Derr Biggers

Fighting Man,  Frank Gruber

Fire People, The,  Ray Cummings

Fires of Forever, The,  Chad Oliver

First Lensman,  E. E. Smith

First on Mars,  Rex Gordon

Five Thousand Miles Underground,  Roy Rockwood

Flash -- Hold For Murder,  Paul Whelton

Flies on the Ceiling,  Eugene A. Clancy

Flyers of Fortune,  Frederick Lewis Nebel

Flying Girl and Her Chum, The,  Edith Van Dyne (L. Frank Baum)

Flying Phantom,  Frederick C. Davis

Forbidden Fruit,  Octavus Roy Cohen

Forbidden Paradise, The,  Beverly Bruce

For Your Sighs Only,  Clyde Allison

Forgotten Planet, The,  Murray Leinster

42 Days for Murder,  Roger Torrey

Four White Devils of Tien Tsin, The,  "Lash" Manion

Fourth Gunman, The,  Merle Constiner

Foxing the Fox,  Jack Woodford

Frankenstein,  Mary Shelley

From Rapture With Love,  Clyde Allison

Fury on Sunday,  Richard Matheson


Galaxy Primes, The,  E. E. Smith

Gamble on Death,  R. T. Maynard

Gamefinger,  Clyde Allison

G-Heat, The,  Robert Wallace

G-Man Jones,  Westmoreland Gray

Ghost Killers of Skull River,  Gunnison Steele

Girl From Farris's, The and The Oakdale Affair,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Girl From Farris's, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Girl From Hollywood, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Girl From Pussycat, The,  Ted Mark

Girl in the Golden Atom, The,  Ray Cummings

Girl on the Prowl,  G. G. Fickling

Gladiator-At-Law,  Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth

Goddess of Atvatabar, The,  William R. Bradshaw

Gods Hate Kansas, The,  Joseph J. Millard

Gods of Mars, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Golden Amazon, The,  John Russell Fearn

Golden Blood,  Jack Williamson

Golden City, The,  Ralph Milne Farley

Good Luck to the Corpse,  Max Murray

Great Explosion, The,  Eric Frank Russell

Greatest Adventure, The,  John Taine

Green Ghost, The and The Whirlwind,  Johnston McCulley

Green Ghost Detective, The,  G. T. Fleming-Roberts

Green Man, The,  Harold M. Sherman

Green Man Returns, The,  Harold M. Sherman

Green Odyssey, The,  Philip Jose Farmer

Gulliver's Travels,  Jonathan Swift

Gun-fire at Big Needles,  Martin Ryerson

Gunmen's Hate,  Col. William T. Cowin

Guns of Hammer, The,  Barry Cord

Guns of Witchwater, The,  Colby Wolford

Gun Wolf of Cougar Creek,  Lee E. Wells

Gunwolves Ride on Sawmill Creek,  Samuel Mines


H.R.H. The Rider,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Half-Past Mortem,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Hardy Boys, The: The Tower Treasure,  Franklin W. Dixon

Hardy Boys, The: The House on the Cliff,  Franklin W. Dixon

Hardy Boys, The: The Secret of the Old Mill,  Franklin W. Dixon

Hashknife of the Double Bar 8,  W. C. Tuttle

Have Nude, Will Travel,  Clyde Allison

Hell's Siphon,  George Harmon Coxe

Hermit of Hell's Hump,  Tim Carey

Hick Cop, The,  Leo Hoban

Hidden City of the Amazon, The,  Stan Best

Hidden Hand, The (First Edition),  Arthur B. Reeve

Hok the Mighty,  Manley Wade Wellman

Hollywood As A World Center,  Perley Poore Sheehan

Homicide Johnny,  Steve Fisher

Honey in the Flesh,  G. G. Fickling

Honeymoon Bridge,  Ann Lawrence

Hopkins Manuscript, The,  R. C. Sherriff

Horror From The Hills,  Frank Belknap Long

Horror Expert, The,  Frank Belknap Long

Hound of the Baskervilles, The,  Arthur Conan Doyle

Hour of the Dragon, The,  Robert E. Howard

House of Darkness,  Allan MacKinnon

House on the Borderland, The,  William Hope Hodgson

House With a Bad Name, The,  Perley Poore Sheehan

House Without A Key, The,  Earl Derr Biggers

Hugo Gernsback Presents Science Fiction Stories,  various authors

Hugo Gernsback's The Electrical Experimenter, etc.,  Charles S. Wolfe and Thomas W. Benson

Hunch,  Adolphe Barreaux

Hunt the Killer,  Day Keene


Icepick Artist, The,  Frank Kane

Il Ritorno di Tarzan,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Inside the Lines,  Earl Derr Biggers

Insidious Doctor Fu-Manchu, The,  Sax Rohmer

Inspiration,  Malcolm Post

In The Beginning,  John E. Muller

Invisible Man, The,  H. G. Wells

Island of Doctor Moreau, The,  H. G. Wells

It's a Wise Wife,  Shane O'Houlihann

It's Good For What Ails You,  Dexter Doone


Jan in India,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Jan of the Jungle,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Jason, Son of Jason,  J. U. Giesy

Jewels of Aptor, The,  Samuel R. Delany

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #1,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #2,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #3,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #4,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #5,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #6,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #7,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #8,  Jackson Cole

Jim Hatfield, Texas Rangers #9,  Jackson Cole

Joe Rodriguez Rookie Cop (Book 1),  Tom H. Moriarty

John Carter of Mars,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

John Christie and his House of Death,  Walter B. Gibson

John Hale Laboratory Sleuth,  Ed Earl Repp

Johnny Mayhem: The Complete Series,  Milton Lesser

John Thorndyke's Cases,  R. Austin Freeman

Jongor,  Robert Moore Williams

Jungle Girl,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Jungle Tales of Tarzan,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Jungle Terror,  Harvey Wickham


Kaldar World of Antares,  Edmond Hamilton

Ka-Zar: King of Fang and Claw,  Bob Byrd

Ka-Zar: King of Fang and Claw,  Bob Byrd, LARGE PRINT

Keith of the Border,  Randall Parrish

Ken Ward in the Jungle,  Zane Grey

Ki-Gor and the Giant Gorilla-Men,  John Peter Drummond

Ki-Gor of the Jungle #1,  John Murray Reynolds and John Peter Drummond

(Ki-Gor and)The Lost Beasts of Ta'Tamba,  John Peter Drummond

Killer's Ruse and Other Stories,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Killing Time,  Donald E. Westlake

King of Chaos,  Johnston McCulley

King of the Dinosaurs,  J. W. Pelkie

Kiss and Kill,  Joe Barry

Kisses Can Kill!,  Joe Barry

Knave of Diamonds, The,  Jack Karney

Knife in the Dark and Other Stories,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Kwa of the Jungle, The Complete Series,  Perley Poore Sheehan

Kyrik #1: Kyrik Warlock Warrior,  Gardner F. Fox


Lad and the Lion, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lady in Peril,  Ben Ames Williams

Lake of Flaming Death, The,  Jack D'Arcy

Land of the Central Sun, The,  Park Winthrop

Land of the Changing Sun, The,  Will. N. Harben

Land of Lost Hope,  Johnston McCulley

Land That Time Forgot, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Languages of Pao, The,  Jack Vance

Lanquid Love of Lucien,  Johnston McCulley

Last Egyptian, The,  L. Frank Baum

Last Spaceship, The,  Murray Leinster

Law of the Coyote,  Jesse Platt

Law of the Levee,  Jean Francis Webb

Leopard Man, The,  Perley Poore Sheehan

Leopard Woman, The,  Stewart Edward White

Lester Allison,  Don Wilcox

Lieut. Gullivar Jones,  Edwin L. Arnold

Limited Liability,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Lisping Man, The,  Frank Rawlings

Little Jack Horner,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Little Wizard Stories of Oz,  L. Frank Baum

Llana of Gathol,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lone Ranger #1: The Phantom Rider!,  Fran Striker

Lone Ranger #2: The Masked Man's Justice/Killer Round-Up,  Fran Striker

Lone Ranger #3: Valley of Shadows/The Cave of Terror,  Fran Striker

Lone Ranger #4: Heritage of the Plains/Lone Star Renegade/Death's Head Vengeance,  Fran Striker

Lone Ranger Rides, The,  Fran Striker

Long Rope Justice,  John Wayne

Looks That Kill!,  Walter B. Gibson

Lords of Quarmall, The,  Fritz Leiber & Harry Fischer

Lost Beasts of Ta'Tamba, The,  John Peter Drummond

Lost City, The,  Milton R. Peril

Lost City of the Aztecs, The,  Joseph E. Badger, Jr.

Lost Continent, The,  Cutcliffe Hyne

Lost Inside the Earth,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lost King of Oz, The,  Ruth Plumly Thompson

Lost on Venus,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lost Treasure of Mars,  Edmond Hamilton, etc.

Lost World, The,  Arthur Conan Doyle

Love Insurance,  Earl Derr Biggers

Lust Goddess,  Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg)

Lust League,  Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg)


Mad King, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Magic Bathing Suits,  Murray Leinster

Maid For Murder,  Milton K. Ozaki

Man Who Killed Tex, The,  Edwin Booth

Man Who Mastered Time, The,  Ray Cummings

Man Who Stopped At Nothing and Other Stories, The,  Paul W. Fairman, Richard Magruder, Adam Chase, Dick Purcell

Man-Eater, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Mansion of Mystery, The,  Chester K. Steele

Marijuana Vice Trap,  L. S. Worth

Mark of the Spider,  John Grange

Mark of Zorro, The,  Johnston McCulley

Mars Is My Destination,  Frank Belknap Long

Masked Rider #1, The,  Lee E. Wells and Walter A. Tomkins

Masked Rider #2, The,  Donald Bayne Hobart

Master Mind of Mars, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Mating Center,  Frank Belknap Long

Maza of the Moon,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The,  Arthur Conan Doyle

Men Into Space,  Murray Leinster

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, The,  Howard Pyle

Metal Monster, The,  A. Merritt

Metal Monster, The (and Mystery of the Lost Race),  E. K. Jarvis

Metropolis,  Thea von Harbou

Michael Strogoff,  Jules Verne

Midnight Madness,  Bob Maxwell

Mirror of Love, The,  Clinton Harcourt

Missing Witness,  Col. William T. Cowin

Mission to a Distant Star,  Frank Belknap Long

Mistress of Sin,  Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg)

Modern Mechanics Trilogy,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Monarchs of Murder,  C. K. M. Scanlon

Mondo Sadisto,  Clyde Allison

Monster Men, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Moon Maid, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Moon Master, The,  Charles W. Diffin

Moon Men, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Moon Terror, The,  A. G. Birch

Moving Picture Boys at Panama, The,  Victor Appleton

Mr. Pratt,  Joseph C. Lincoln

Mrs. Big,  John Grange

Mucker, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Mucker, The/The Return of the Mucker,  Edgar Rice Burroughs, Pulpville Double

Murder Among the Dying,  G. Wayman Jones

Murder At Midnight,  Richard Sale

Murder by Magic,  John Wilstach

Murder Doll,  Milton K. Ozaki

Murder in the Gunroom,  H. Beam Piper

Murder in the Mills,  Harry Stephen Keeler

Murder In The Ybarra,  Howard R. Marsh

Murder Invitation,  Frank Gruber

Murder Is A Fact,  Kurt Steel

Murder Is So Easy,  Willo L. Roberts

Murder Madness,  Murray Leinster

Murder Man,  William G. Bogart

Murder On Friday,  H. Ashbrook

Murder Plays Charade,  Brett Halliday

My Brother's Keeper,  Col. William T. Cowin

Mysterious Affair at Styles, The,  Agatha Christie

Mysterious Island, The,  Jules Verne

Mysterious Rider, The,  Zane Grey

Mystery of the Hasty Arrow, The,  Anna Katharine Green

Mystery of the Ambush in India,  Andy Adams (Walter B. Gibson)

Mystery of the Mexican Treasure,  Walter B. Gibson


Naked Men of Naga,  Gordon MacCreagh

Nautipuss,  Clyde Allison

Negative of a Nude,  Charles E. Fritch

Nellie's Naughty Nightie,  Erle S. Gardner

New Stories of Tarzan, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Next Door to Hell,  John Phillips

Nick Carter, Detective

Night Before Her Wedding, The,  Frank H. Williams

Nightmare Alibi,  Henry Whittier (Harry Whittington)

Nightrider Deputy,  Ralph R. Perry

No Modest Mayhem,  Robert Leslie Bellem

No Time Like The Future,  Nelson Bond

No Wings On A Cop,  Cleve F. Adams

Nude In Nevada,  Thomas B. Dewey

Nude Wore Black, The,  Ted Mark

Nudist Camp,  Orrie Hitt

Nudist Gym Death Riddle, The,  Jack Gray


Oakdale Affair, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Og, Son of Fire,  J. Irving Crump

Og, Son of Fire--Book 2,  J. Irving Crump

One Minute Past Eight,  George Harmon Coxe

Orgy Isle,  Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg)

Oscar, Detective of Mars,  James Norman

Osilians, The,  Arthur J. Burks

Otis Adelbert Kline: A Collection,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Outlaws of Mars, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Outlaw of Torn, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ozar the Aztec,  Walter A. Tomkins


Palos of the Dog Star Pack,  J. U. Giesy

Paradise Trail,  William Byron Mowery

Parisian Bedtime Tales,  Silas Macrae

Pellucidar,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Peril of the Starmen,  Kris Neville

Phantom Canoe, The,  William Byron Mowery

Phantom Detective #1, The: The Vampire Murders,  Robert Wallace

Phantom Detective #2, The: The Dancing Doll Murders,  Robert Wallace

Phantom Detective #3, The: The Beast King Murders,  Robert Wallace

Phantom Detective #4, Tycoon of Crime,  Robert Wallace

Pirate Planet, The,  Charles W. Diffin

Pirates of Venus,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Pit-Prop Syndicate, The,  F. Wills Crofts

Plague Ship,  Andrew North (Andre Norton)

Planet For Plunder,  Hal Clement and Sam Merwin Jr.

Planet of Dread & Terror Out of Space, The,  Dwight V. Swain

Planet of Peril, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Planet Strappers, The,  Raymond Z. Gallun

Plan For Conquest,  A. A. Glynn

Pleasure Ground,  Orrie Hitt

Poirot Investigates,  Agatha Christie

Poison Belt, The,  Arthur Conan Doyle

Polaris of the Snows,  Charles B. Stilson

Police of the House, The,  Erle S. Gardner

Police Your Planet,  Erik van Lhin

Port of Peril, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Prelude to Dream World,  Robert Silverberg and others

Prince of Peril, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Princino De Marso,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Private Eye, The,  Cleve Adams

Proof Indigo,  Robert Sidney Bowen

Protegee, The,  Clare MacDermott

Puzzle Planet, The,  Robert A. W. Lowndes


Queen of the Black Coast,  Robert E. Howard

Queen Zixi of Ix,  L. Frank Baum

Quest of the Dawn Man,  J. H. Rosny

Quest of the Golden Ape,  Ivar Jorgensen and Adam Chase


Radio Boys on the Mexican Border, The,  Gerald Breckenridge

Radio Flyers, The,  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Gun-Runners, The,  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Man Series #1: The Radio Man,  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Man Series #2: The Radio Beasts,  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Man Series #3: The Radio Planet,  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Man Series #4: The Radio Minds (First Edition),  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Menace, The (First Edition),  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio Pirates, The,  Ralph Milne Farley

Radio War, The (First Edition),  Ralph Milne Farley

Radium Pool, The,  Ed Earl Repp

Ralph 124C 41+,  Hugo Gernsback

Ralph Milne Farley Collection 1,  Ralph Milne Farley

Ralph Milne Farley Collection 2,  Ralph Milne Farley

Rat Race, The,  Jay Franklin

Reckoning Trilogy, The,  Hal Annas

Red Evidence,  Charlton L. Edholm

Red Hawk, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Red-Hot Ice,  Frank Kane

Red Nails,  Robert E. Howard

Red Planet, The,  Russ Winterbotham

Red Thumb Mark, The,  R. Austin Freeman

Rendezvous in Rio,  Vince Howard

Rescue From Venus,  Ed Earl Repp

Return of Simon Bolivar Grimes, The,  E. Hoffman Price

Return of Tarzan, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Return of Tharn, The,  Howard Browne

Return of the Mucker, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Return to the Scene,  Q. Patrick

Revolt of Woman, The,  Richard Butler Glaenzer

Riders of the Purple Sage,  Zane Grey

Rimrock Rider,  Walter A. Tomkins

Ring-A-Ding-Ding,  Frank Kane

Rio Kid, The: Kit Carson's Way,  Tom Curry

Rio Kid, The: The Trail Blazers,  Tom Curry

Rio Kid #1, The,  C. William Harrison

Robert Silverberg's Super-Science Fiction,  Robert Silverberg

Rose and Lily,  Harry Kemp

Rough on Rats,  William Francis

Royal Book of Oz, The,  L. Frank Baum/Ruth Plumly Thompson

Rush Henry Mystery #4: Triple Cross, The,  Joe Barry

Rustlers on the Rio,  Donald Bayne Hobart


Saddle Mountain Roundup,  Eleanor Packer

Scarlet Ace, The,  Theodore A. Tinsley

Scarlet Killer, The,  Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Scarlet Scourge, The,  Johnston McCulley

Scarlet Starlet,  Doug Warren

School for Murder,  C.K.M. Scanlon

Sea People, The,  Richard S. Shaver

Search the Sky,  Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth

Second Deluge, The,  Garrett P. Serviss

Second Mate, The,  H. Bedford-Jones

Secret Agent Peter Baron,  Bruce Cassiday

Secret Agent "X": The Sinister Scourge,  Brant House

Secret Agent "X": The Spectral Strangler,  Brant House

Secret Kingdom, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Secret of the Black Planet,  Milton Lesser

Secret of the Ninth Planet, The,  Donald A. Wollheim

Secrets of the House of Horror,  Clark L. Sair

Sentinels From Space,  Eric Frank Russell

Seven Keys to Baldpate,  Earl Derr Biggers

Sex Ladder, The,  Anthony Gordon (Robert Leslie Bellem)

Sex Life of the Gods, The,  Michael Kneer

SF Stories #1: The Girl From Mars/The Invading Asteroid,  Jack Williamson, Dr. Miles J. Breuer, Manly Wade Wellman

SF Stories #2: An Adventure in Venus/The Brain of the Planet,  Reg Michelmore, Lilith Lorraine

SF Stories #3: The Thought Projector/The Ship From Nowhere/The Moon Mirage,  David H. Keller M.D., Sidney Patzer, Raymond Gallun

SF Stories #4: The Torch of Ra/The Thought Stealer/The Mechanical Man,  Jack Bradley, Frank Bourne, Amelia Reynolds Long

SF Stories #5: When the Sun Went Out/The Immortals of Mercury,  Leslie F. Stone, Clark Ashton Smith

Shadow Girl, The,  Ray Cummings

Sheena: Killer's Kraal,  James Anson Buck

Ship of Ishtar, The,  A. Merritt

Short Stories of L. Frank Baum, The: A Collection,  L. Frank Baum

Sign of the Lizard, The,  Philip Verrill Mighels

Silent Death,  Erle Stanley Gardner

Simon Bolivar Grimes, Outlaw,  E. Hoffman Price

Sin Funnel, The,  Clyde Allison

Sin in Space,  Cyril Judd

Sin in Their Blood,  Ed Lacy

Sinister Barrier,  G. T. Fleming-Roberts

Six-Gun Gorilla,  Unknown Author

Skylark of Space, The,  E. E. Smith

Skylark Three,  E. E. Smith

Sky Pirate, The,  Garrett P. Serviss

Sky Pirates,  Frederick C. Davis

Slaves to the Metal Horde,  Milton Lesser

Sleep With the Devil,  Day Keene

Smoky God, The,  Willis George Emerson

Snappy Spicy Stories,  Jack Woodford, Otto Nelson, Cliff Carruth, Ann Lawrence, and more

Snarl of the Beast, The,  Carroll John Daly

Snow Use!,  Mason Johns

Sojarr of Titan,  Manly Wade Wellman

Solar Invasion, The,  Manly Wade Wellman

Son of Tarzan, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Sorak and the Treemen,  Harvey D. Richards

Sorak of the Malay Jungle,  Harvey D. Richards

Space Fury,  R. L. Fanthorpe

Space Hawk,  Anthony Gilmore

Spacehounds of IPC,  Edward E. Smith

Space Viking,  H. Beam Piper

Special Mission,  John E. Muller

Spicy Adventures,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Spicy Western Stories,  Tim Carey, Walter Cook, Peter Grant, and more

Spider, The,  Frederick C. Painton

Spider Lily, The,  Bruno Fischer

Spies of Destiny/I.O.U. Murder,  John Grange

Stacked Deck,  Frank Kane

Stage Coach Sal,  Cliff Carruth

Star Born,  Andre Norton

Staten Island Ferry,  Ben Conlon

Stories by Ralph Milne Farley, Otis Adelbert Kline, Frank Belknap Long, Stanley G. Weinbaum

Strange Invasion, The,  Murray Leinster

Stranger Club, The,  Laurence Manning

Streets of Shadow, The,  Leslie McFarlane

Strip For Violence,  Ed Lacy

Suicide Murder, The,  Roger Torrey

Sunken World, The,  Stanton A. Coblentz

Sweetheart Primeval,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Swell Little Doll,  Otto Nelson

Swiss Family Robinson, The,  Johann Rudolf Wyss

Swordsman of Mars, The,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Syndic, The,  C. M. Kornbluth


Tahara Among African Tribes,  Harold M. Sherman

Tahara: Boy King of the Desert,  Harold M. Sherman

Tales From Dream World,  Robert Silverberg and others

Tales of Four Worlds,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Tales of the Dragoman,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Talkie Murder,  Albert Edward Ullman

Tam, Son of the Tiger,  Otis Adelbert Kline

Tama of the Light Country,  Ray Cummings

Tamawaca Folks: A Summer Comedy,  L. Frank Baum

Tanar of Pellucidar,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tark and the Golden Tide,  Colum MacConnell

Tarrano the Conqueror,  Ray Cummings

Tarzan and the Ant Men,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the City of Gold,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Golden Lion,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Leopard Men,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Lion Man,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Lost Empire,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Valley of Luna,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan at the Earth's Core,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan bei den Affen,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan Guard of the Jungle,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes,  Edgar Rice Burroughs, LARGE PRINT

Tarzan the Terrible,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Invincible,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Mighty (First Edition),  Arthur B. Reeve

Tarzan the Untamed,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan Triumphant,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan Twins, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Temple of the Ten, The,  H. Bedford-Jones

Terror Out of Space, The & Planet of Dread,  Dwight V. Swain

There Rode a Man,  Hapsburg Liebe

Thing in the Woods, The,  Harper Williams

Third Heaven,  Lee Fredericks

Thirty-Nine Steps, The,  John Buchan

This Girl For Hire,  G. G. Fickling

This Island Earth,  Raymond F. Jones

Those Who Walk In Darkness,  Perley Poore Sheehan

Three Sevens,  Perley Poore Sheehan

Thrilling Detective Stories,  John K. Butler, Leo Hoban, C.K.M. Scanlon, and more

Thrilling G-Men Stories,  Frank Gruber, Robert Wallace, Col. William T. Cowin, and more

Thrilling Mystery Stories,  Ray Cummings

Thrilling Sky Stories,  Frederick C. Davis

Through the Air to the North Pole,  Roy Rockwood

Through the Looking Glass And What Alice Found There,  Lewis Carroll

Thuvia, Maid of Mars,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ticket for Love,  Barnaby Ives

Tiger River,  Arthur O. Friel

Time Machine, The,  H. G. Wells

Timeless Man, The,  Roger Arcot

Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus,  James Otis

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #1: Stand By For Mars!,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #2: Danger in Deep Space,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #3: On the Trail of the Space Pirates,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #4: The Space Pioneers,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #5: The Revolt on Venus,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #6: Treachery in Outer Space,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #7: Sabotage in Space,  Carey Rockwell

Tom Corbett Space Cadet #8: The Rocket Robot,  Carey Rockwell

Tongking!,  Dan Cushman

Too Late For Tears,  Roy Huggins

Topper,  Thorne Smith

Tracks in the Sand,  H. A. DeRosso

Trail to Yesterday, The,  Charles Alden Seltzer

Treasure Island,  Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure of the Golden God, The,  A. Hyatt Verrill

Treasures of Tantalus,  Garrett Smith

Triplanetary,  Edward E. Smith PhD

Triple Cross, The,  Joe Barry

Troyana,  Capt. S. P. Meek

Trusting Fool, The,  Ray Cummings

Twisted Giant of Mars,  Festus Pragnell

Two Hundred Million A.D.,  A. E. Van Vogt

Tyrants of Time,  Milton Lesser


Under the Moons of Mars,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Untamed Lust,  Orrie Hitt


Vacant World, The,  George Allan England

Valley of Fear, The,  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Valley of the Giants,  Jackson Cole

Vengeance from the Past!,  Geoff St. Reynard

Vengeance of Gwa,  S. Fowler Wright

Vice Czar Murders, The,  Cleve F. Adams

Vice Czar Murders, The,  Franklin Charles

Vice Czar Murders, The,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Vice Squad Detective (First Edition)

Vultures of Whapeton, The,  Robert E. Howard


Wandl the Invader,  Ray Cummings

War Chief, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

War of the Moons, The,  Walter B. Gibson

War of the Moons, The and The Day New York Ended,  Walter B. Gibson

War of the Worlds, The,  H. G. Wells

Warlord of Mars, The,  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Warlords of Mars,  Festus Pragnell

Warrior of the Dawn,  Howard Browne

Wayward Angel,  Verne Chute

Web of the Green Spider, The,  Capt. Kerry McRoberts

Week End Murders, The,  Donald Stuart

West Point 3000 A.D. and The Invading Asteroid,  Manly Wade Wellman

What Price Murder,  Cleve F. Adams

Whipped,  Peter Grant

Whispering Eye, The,  G. T. Fleming-Roberts

Whispering Gorilla, The,  Don Wilcox and David V. Reed

White Python, The,  Mark Channing

Window With the Sleeping Nude, The,  Robert Leslie Bellem

Wings Tales of the Psychic,  Achmed Abdullah

Woman From Another Planet,  Frank Belknap Long

Women in His Life!, The,  Phyllis Hoerner

Worlds of the Imperium, &npsp;Keith Laumer

Writings of Ella Oldham Burroughs, The,  Ella Oldham Burroughs



Year When Stardust Fell, The,  Raymond F. Jones


Zamba and the Silver Globe,  John Raymond


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