“Some incredible degeneracy copmpelled a flash of admiration for her exquisite body, even in its limp position on the floor. It lasted however only as long as it took for my eyes to make the trip from body to head. It had to be her head because it was her body; otherwise I would never have known. No distinguishable feature was left. Just a mass of blood and torn-up flesh.”

Bret Karns, movietown photographer, really got an exclusive eyeful of his old flame who had been so brutally extinguished. Bret didn’t get a second look, though, because somebody then put the lights out on him with a blow from behind. And when Bret came to, it was to find that the boys in blue had already voted him their favorite lady-killer.

SCARLET STARLET is a Hollywood mystery in vivid Murdercolor!

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
130 pages
ISBN 978-1647204037