"I'd do anything to get him. I'd lie, bribe, cheat, steal, I'd become a whore!"

That girl's threat provided only one of the many strange aspects of the far-flung Menke Enterprises. Don Paulson, trouble-shooting "Man Friday" for the fabulous Ray Menke, soon uncovered some of the other sides of his business--including a mysterious trade in sudden death!

It began when an eccentric old man used his last gasp of life to scratch a weird message to whoever found his body. Don was the finder. And when he then allowed a will-o'-the-wisp girl to lead him to a mysterious tryst, he found himself slated to become Menke's DEAD MAN FRIDAY.

J. F. Hutton's skillfully handled thriller tears away the mask from a slick-surfaced setup to reveal a startling and danger-laden swamp of deceit and murder. DEAD MAN FRIDAY is a top-notch mystery novel!

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
188 pages