TIGER RIVER is one of the great, timeless classics of fantastic adventure fiction, a novel that fairly reeks with swashbuckling action. A fabulous gold horde and the lure of heroic adventure are the magnets that lead a small band of Americans and a Peruvian outlaw to the strange and unknown jungles of South America, and to the dark and mysterious Tigre Yacu, "the River of Missing Men."

Here are white Indians, uncanny green men, and ruthless savages who haunt every foot of this strange and unknown land. Deep in a hidden treasure valley of the Andes, the adventurers come upon a Circe whoe strange attractions have lured many a missing man of the Tiger River into her evil clutches. How draughts of her forbidden wine transformed them into mindless beasts, and how her spell was finally broken, are a part of this fantastic and unforgetable book.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
362 pages