On a walking trip, Dr. Ransom, Cambridge philologist, encounters two old school friends by whom he is, quite unexpectedly, abducted and drugged. Waking from this bad treatment, Ransom finds himself en route to a distant planet, Mars -- or Malacandra, as it inhabitants call it.

In this book the distinguished author of "The Screwtape Letters" turns his brilliant and versatile talent to telling a story for "those who like books about other planets." (Those who do not, are invited to read it -- and then ask themselves if the theme could have been embodied in any other way.) Whoever does accompany Ransom through the unknown onto the weird planet Malacandra, will revel in the voyage and in the strange beauty and the strange horror which await him. Whoever goes will also look down on our "civilized" global ways with pleasant detachment and with that awareness of irony which can come only when beholding human actions from the Malacandran point of view.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
162 pages