"I don't want to Die!"

Jean Daniels moaned

She had to get out of there. Nothing else mattered. Then footsteps echoed in the hall. She stood paralyzed and gazed into the mirror. The door behind her swung open. It was the killer. He had used her and now he was covering up his tracks. She had to go. She was too dangerous to live... How long could it go on? "Homicide Johnny" West couldn't answer that question. He had been called in to solve the murder of Harry Waters whose newspaper columns had ruined many men. But the web of violence grew steadily more vicious. Murder followed murder until Johny and his co-worker, Penny Lane, found out they were next in line!

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
182 pages
ISBN 978-1987079111


From the pages of Crack Detective, Detective Dragnet, Double Action Gang, Headquarters Detective, Thrilling Detective, and Thrilling Mystery.

Talkie Murder, Albert Edward Ullman
Hell's Siphon, George Harmon Coxe
The Hick Cop, Leo Hoban
Flies on the Ceiling, Eugene A. Clancy
The Death Kiss, Lew McCoy
Carnival Killer, G. Morris Sand
The Butcher of Hell, Steve Fisher
Death on the Hook, John K. Butler
Close to a Corpse, C. K. M. Scanlon
Staten Island Ferry, Ben Conlon

Hardcover w/dust jacket:
6 x 9 inch
182 pages
ISBN 978-1987097269

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
182 pages
ISBN 9781987097252

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