"It was 2 o'clock in the morning of an early Easter Day that Captain of Detectives Martin Sober found himself called out on a murder case. The dead man in the apartment house might have committed suicide, but the gun was found six feet from the corpse. The widow was locked in the back of the apartment and none of the neighbors had gone to bed, late though it was.

The thing that troubled Sober most was his chief suspect, Nigel Rex, "The World's Strongest Man." He couldn't help liking the man. Rex owned the house, and all the people in it worked for him in his physical culture mail order business. The dimmed glamor of footlights and grease paint still hung about some of them, reminders of vaudeville glory, when all the world knew who Nigel Rex was. Martin Sober remembered those days and sighed. . . .

Young Gilbert Prou, the Assistant District Attorney, who had been in his cradle then, was impatient of all that. Martin Sober's lean, gray face looked old and foolish to him and he cried loudly for action. He got what he wanted— when the second murder came.

You will meet Sober and Prou again, investigating trouble in a Diathermy establishment—another Martin Sober case."

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
184 pages
ISBN 978-1539735717