The Masked Rider appeared in his own pulp magazine, MASKED RIDER WESTERN, from 1934 to 1953, with 100 western adventures to his credit, written by a variety of pulp authors.

THE MASKED RIDER #1 by Lee E. Wells and Walter A. Tomkins

"Raiders of Rifle Rock": Below the Pecos Ridge, a fair valley becomes a shambles when two outfits wage a desperate feud--until Wayne Morgan and Blue Hawk ride into action to make peace with grim gun logic!

"The Outlaw Sheriff": When the Masked Rider arrives in Splitrock, he's given a law star and told to ride the trail in search of--himself! Follow Wayne Morgan as he heads for a showdown with bandits of the Border.

Hardcover w/dust jacket:
6 x 9 inch
244 pages
ISBN 978-1078709989

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
244 pages
ISBN 978-1078709972

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THE MASKED RIDER #2 by Donald Bayne Hobart

"Haunted Mesa": Haynes North, rancher, rode hell-for-leather through the Haunted Mesa. For the first time in his life he knew fear as he fled an angry, kill-hungry lynch mob. He could not believe that his friends and neighbors had so unfairly turned on him-and could not forget, for a minute, that he was a wanted man.

Meanwhile, a desperate band of gunmen watched with leering satisfaction, ready to turn the quiet Mesa into a wasteland of blood and bones-and, lurking in the shadows, the famed Masked Rider prepared for his deadliest showdown in the name of justice...

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
128 pages
ISBN 978-1647202194