THERE is no doubt that this story is one of the most absorbing scientifiction tales that has appeared in recent years. Suppose it were possible to construct a sort of radio television apparatus by means of which you could spy upon every one, anywhere in the world. There would be no more secrets. It would be practically impossible to carry on business, and the world would speedily become disorganized and panic would reign. This is the theme of "Treasure's of Tantalus," and the well-known and famous author has made the most of the idea. Now that television has actually been accomplished, the author's idea, while of course not yet realized, is not so impossible as it may appear. Who can tell that this very thing may not come to pass in time to conic? But outside of the scientific accomplishment of the story, you will find it to be a thriller of the first magnitude. There is hardly a page that does not bristle with excitement.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
282 pages
ISBN 978-1987076851