A FICTION HOUSE FACSIMILE REPRINT OF A SPIKE TRACY MYSTERY: Murder really shouldn't be taken too seriously. Spike Tracy, who has figured in several homicidal high-jinks, is all for good, clean, bloody fun, so if you haven't met him before, make his acquaintance now. He's an insouciant young man with plenty of money, good looks, and a sense of humor. The only blight on his life is his stodgy brother, R. Montgomery Tracy, the district attorney. His boon companion is Pug Beasley, a former bantam weight pug now in training to become a gentleman's gentleman in the Wodehouse manner, and there's a sister-in-law who goes in for committees and uplift. Oh yes, there's a murder, too. Don't giet impatient. Two of 'em in fact. It all starts when a beautiful woman stumbles over Spike's threshold one evening and collapses on his hearth. The next morning he reads that she's wanted for murder. His good sense tells him he ought to turn her over to the police and brother Richard. But Spike Tracy is not a young man who ever let good sense lead him astray. And anyway, he's sure brother Richard wouldn't appreciate her. Richard's that way. So, believing that the lovely woman who lies in his bedroom raving in delirium is guilty of murder, he sets out to make Richard and the police believe she isn't. If you insist on international spy rings, and rubies taken from the eye of a Burma idol, or blood spilling all over the lot, better pass this one up. But if you'd like a really intelligent mystery story, with a lot of fun thrown in, "A Most Immoral Murder" is your meat.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
300 pages
ISBN 978-1987072501

A FICTION HOUSE FACSIMILE REPRINT OF A SPIKE TRACY MYSTERY: For the first time in his spectacular career, Spike Tracy, ace detective, was baffled. A woman-Lina Lee-had been shot through the head by an old army revolver in the office of Felix Penton, playboy-publisher. Here, it seemed, was the "perfect crime".

There was no lack of evidence. There were too many suspects, too many clues. Not one of those involved had an alibi. And before Spike could even begin to establish a case, there were any number of separate mysteries to be solved, none of which seemed to make sense.

What was the meaning of the purple onion in Lina Lee's luxurious apartment? Why were the account books of the Penton Press taken from the safe, and what did the auditor's check-up reveal? Who was the veiled woman appearing so mysteriously at certain crises in Penton's life? And, most important of all, what did a certain newspaper photograph, yellowed with age, have to do with the case?

These are only a few of the posers which Spike Tracy encounters as he pursues his investigations. "Murder on Friday" calls for his most brilliant deductive powers. And he comes pretty close to failure when he runs up against the blind devotion which Felix Penton inspires in women....

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
130 pages
ISBN 978-1987072518