Joe Stone disappeared leaving his partner, Arthur Smith, with an I O U for $38,000 and a fit to temper. Smith hired Anthony Martin to find Stone, and, with difficulty, Anthony found him. And there, instead of ending, the case begins:

Some of the characters:
ANTHONY MARTIN-a private investigator with a file of unpaid bills, a vulnerable but well-cushioned conscience, and a profitable proposition.
JERRY JONES-a girl who really belongs with the cows and chickens but can usually be found in slacks, or less, at various bars around town.
ARTHUR SMITH-a rotund, pig-eyed little man, who wants help and plenty of it, but not from the police.
PAT TEMPLE-a beautiful girl with beautiful clothes in a beautiful apartment-but where did she get all that beautiful money?
VINCENT KOALER-a helpful hotel clerk with a bald head and a penchant for gambling of all sorts.
JOE STONE-an elusive gentleman in a business that caters to some of the less happy characteristics of mankind.
PHIL ARKIN-an intelligent cop, with an education and personality, whoe imminent retirement will be a great loss to the Vice Squad.
MICK-amiable and loyal, owner and bartender of "The Lucky Spot"-hangout of B-girls, butter-and-egg men, and an assortment of questionable characters.

Trade Paperback
6 x 9 inch
260 pages
ISBN 978-1987069785