Baffling events never piled up quicker than the night George Chance, wealthy master magician, planned his honeymoon with his bride, Merry. He was ready to retire to private life, or so he thought, until his bodyguard, Joe Harper, reminded him that Harper, too, went right along on whatever honeymoon there was to be.

For the urbane master magician was also an expert in the science of criminology. Anhd for his astute and remorseless detection in the past he was not exactly in the favor of a certain Chicago business firm--whose business was murder.

A lisping voice on the telephone, an urgent call from the Homicide Bureau of the New York City police, the mysterious disappearance of a dead man's false teeth, a narrow escape fromt he man with a tattooed wrist--all of these sent George Chance into a trap.

But Merry was in there fighting, too. And George Chance and his bride are off on the trail of one of the lisping man murders.

Fast-paced and urbane, the story of "The Lisping Man" races from unexpected drama to murder. With mystery and magic, with legerdemain and tight suspense, the author gives us a solution to surprise even the most avid of detective fans.

* * * * *

Originally written as a short novel for the Ghost Detective pulp magazine in the first issue under the title "Calling the Ghost", G. T. Fleming-Roberts revised the story, removing references to the Ghost. It was published in 1942 by Gateway Books (part of the Thrilling Group) and later reprinting in an abridged version in softcover. This is the original full-length book in facsimile format.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
262 pages