CAPTAIN FUTURE and His Futuremen

FIRST EDITION! Written by Manly Wade Wellman and first appearing in Startling Stories, this is one of the last of the novel-length Captain Future stories. The Captain and his Futuremen search for the missing moon in another dimension inhabited with pallid skinned individuals. Completely illustrated with the interior artwork from the original magazines.

172 pages
ISBN 978-1987078541

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FIRST EDITION! Written by Edmond Hamilton. The complete series of seven Captain Future novelettes from Startling Stories pulp magazine: The Return of Captain Future, Children of the Sun, The Harpers of Titan, Pardon My Iron Nerves, Moon of the Unforgotten, Earthmen No More, and Birthplace of Creation. Completely illustrated with the interior artwork from the original magazines.

298 pages, 6 x 9 inch
Imprint: Pulpville Press

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ISBN 978-1257149667
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Folks, you've all heard about Captain Future, the scientific wizard who lives up there on the Moon with his three queer Futuremen. You know he's crushed dozens of super-criminals and scientific dangers that threatened us people of the nine worlds. You've never seen Future or his pals. Few people ever have. But you know that when danger threatens, they're on the job. Well, you're now going to learn all about Captain Future and the Futuremen.

THE FACE OF THE DEEP-Carried far outside the Solar System, and wrecked on a volcanic planetoid in company with a shipload of condemned criminals, Captain Future faces the supreme test of his courage!
CAPTAIN FUTURE'S CHALLENGE-Striking terror on four worlds, a mysterious raider throttles interplanetary commerce-and Earth summons Curtis Newton, the Wizard of Science, and his trio of Futuremen to combat this sinister menace.

Pulp-Sized Magazine:
7 x 10 inch
172 pages
ISBN 978-1987078596

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