Misfortune followed in its wake--yet the Blue Rajah diamond was coveted by many and battle, murder and sudden death played a prominent part in its history. Five of the greatest jewel experts in the world are gathered together in the palatial Hood camp in the Adirondacks to bid for this sinister stone. That evening Hood's niece brought the Blue Rajah from the safe to show them and passed it around. A few hours later on her way to bed she heard the player piano repeating Chopin's Fantasie over and over again--going down to investigate she found the room empty and in the next room was Hood's grotesquely distorted body on the floor. He was dead and the jewel had disappeared. From that thrilling start the story of the sinister and ill fated Blue Rajah rushes on with a speed that actually leaves one gasping for breath.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
310 pages
ISBN 978-1647202156