A Fiction House Press Facsimile Reprint:

A thrilling novel of adventure in the mystic, secret lamasery in Tibet where the White Python is worshipped by strange underworld creatures and by the naked, pagan high priestess Gynia. Colin Gray, V.C., Secret Service man who appeared in Mark Channing's previous novel King Cobra, is sent on a mission to Tibet. On the boat from England he meets Piers Bryan, called by newspapers the "World's Most Famous Air-Girl." Instantly they take a liking to each other that grows with each succeeding day. At Calcutta they part; Piers to fly solo to Pekin, and Gray to pursue his secret mission in Tibet. But in the underground caverns below Hlampo lamasery they meet once more, and both are in dire danger of slow, horrible deaths in the sinuous coils of the White Python. One danger follows another until the final breath-taking climax, where Gray struggles with the Python itself!

Trade Paperback:
322 pages
6 x 9 inch
ISBN 978-1987078602