Stewart Edward White is not only famed as a great author, but as an explorer, big game hunter and sportsman as well. Major White is known in Africa as the man who holds the world's lionshooting record, the man who mapped German East Africa for sporting purposes and then turned over his data to the British government at the outbreak of the war, and like performances. He made two expeditions into Central Africa spending in all 22 months in the wilds. He penetrated country never entered by a white man before. He spend months alone among thousands of wild savages and came out unharmed.

Through all his adventures and wanderings, not the least of which is his recent service in the world war with the famous California "Grizzlies" regiment, Major White has been very lucky in escaping serious injury, having had countless narrow escapes from all manner of death in many lands.

"I never went in search of literary material," he remarked upon one occasion. "Deliberately searching for it, going in for adventure solely for the purpose of getting atmosphere and experience to write about, is a sure way not to get it."

Hardcover w/dust jacket:
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280 pages
ISBN 978-1078705851

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