DELLA knew what it was to worship nature. After all, where she came from it was considered quite proper to swim or sunbathe unclad. She decided to welcome this strange sect that wanted to camp on her property-thought she might even join in the fun and games...

It was all so lovely, so innocent-until voluptuous Ada Holden, a girl completely without scruple, began to love nature a little too passionately. Under such circumstances, few men could withstand deliverate temptation. Certainly not Ricky, Della's husband...

It was then Della realized a she-devil had entered paradise. She fought back with the only weapon she had-her own glorious body!

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
192 pages
ISBN 978-1647200077


I was twenty-five years old and a nobody. A nobody who had been kicked out of one foster home for something I shouldn't have done. A nobody who had married another nobody and who supported a child who carried my name but didn't have a drop of my blood.

Lucy Martin was blonde and lovely and she had a build of those girls you see in men's magazines. Long hair and smokey eyes, breasts that were big and full and ripe, a stomach that was almost nothing at all and hips made your blood pressure keep above normal when she moved.

"You're big," she had told me that night. "You're the biggest man here."

Well, I am big, and looking down at her from my six feet six she seemed about the size of a dwarf, hardly taller than my former wife Emily had been.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
220 pages
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WILDWOOD ACRES was a civilized wilderness up-state, playground of crippled, uppercrust Frank Jennings—a man of untamed lusts . . . of strange, untrammeled passions . . . of urges to hurt and kill anything and anybody defenseless enough! For his pleasure he collected not only helpless animals, but an assortment of beautiful women . . . .

THERE was a summer-hot Kitty, his simmering young wife. There was radiantly blonde Carole, as twisted as Jennings himself. There was jet-haired Joan Keider, who refused to starve for thrills while a guy like Eddie Boyd was in the neighborhood.

Trade Paperback:
4 x 6 inch
156 pages
ISBN 978-1987093803