First Publication Since 1934:

El Kasr was one of those ancient spots on the face of the earth which always held Sir John Mansfield, greatest living archaeologist and Egyptologist, spellbound.

A native, Horda, who had worked with Sir John in the Libyan desert excavations five years previous, meets him and begs money for whisky for his white derelict master in exchange for a very old manuscript which he claims is genuine. In his room, Mansfield carefully studies the hieroglyphics and, after submitting the manuscript to every known test, is certain the document is genuine. It was written about 2800-2700 B. C. and by no other person than the great Egyptian king, Cheops, himself. After hours of study, Mansfield has the following data: Beneath the giant statue of a reposing body of an animal with a human head is the only entrance to ATLANTIS.

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