AGAINST a background of tropical jungles, colorful Mayan ruins and a strange and fascinating city of the ancient Mayas, still alive and flourishing in the heart of Guatemala, this gripping science novel runs its course. Beginning in Vigo, Spain, events move swiftly, and strange adventures follow each other in rapid succession.

An ancient Mayan codex, a priceless example of picture writing twenty centuries old, leads the reader through a maze of danger to the fabulous city, Mictolan. In the words of the ancient Maya chief Katchilcan:

"To reach it one must pass through the Valley of Death, the Tunnel of Serpents, the Pit of the great Crocodile. And even having passed such perils, one must cross the eight deserts with the raging whirlwind that cuts solid rock and must face the demon Ixputeque and the fiend Neztpehua in the realm of hot ashes and the two blazing mountains; and at last must enter the Cave of the Bats and cross the Bridge of Light."

Mictolan, where the major portion of the action occurs in a city hidden behind almost insurmountable barriers, where the civilization of the Mayas has flourished without external influence for two thousand years. The result is a startling blend of superstition and super-science, a civilization without benefit of the wheel—yet one which has explored the mysteries of the atom.

A. Hyatt Verrill has drawn heavily upon his intimate knowledge of the Mayas in the writing of this highly entertaining yet informative novel of science.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
260 pages
ISBN 978-1647201951


TWO friends, one an archeologist and the other a mining engineer, determined to take a trip into the jungles of the north of South America. The incitement was some golden ornaments which the archeologist has received from that region, and without knowing it they find themselves following the example of the explorers of the days of Queen Elizabeth and unwittingly go in search of El Dorado. A wonderful presentation of their adventures in South America among the different tribes of Indians follows, and while the Indians are all friendly at first there is the ever-present danger of an outbreak, so that in a sense they are living on the edge of a volcano, as the proverbial saying goes. An outbreak finally occurs during a period of drunken revelry. They have seen gold used almost in profusion by the Indians for their personal adornment; however, the source of this gold is a secret known only to the Chief Medicine Man. But at last trouble occurs, brought on by the killing of one of the Indian tribe by the explorers' guide.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
160 pages
ISBN 978-1987073904


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