The first corpse was in the shrubbery next to the house. The back of the man's head was a mess, and near the body was a billet of firewood from the stack outside Donald Ivy's back door.

Donald Ivy was the only one who could identify the body . . .

The second corpse was found on the road outside the house. It looked like an accident, but the back of the man's head was bashed in exactly like the first one.

Donald Ivy had thrown the man out of his house shortly before . . .

The third corpse was in the pond, back of Ivy's house. The dead girl, a pretty blonde, had been shot with Ivy's gun.

Donald Ivy was the last man to have seen her alive . . .

It was a brutal frame of murder, fashioned by a ruthless killer to get rid of the man he thought stood between him and a fortune. And it fitted Donald Ivy like a hangman's noose!

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
164 pages