She hungered for the man she hated. Greco was watching her, and Ruth had a curious sensation. There was no life or intelligence in his eyes--they were opaque and cruel as the eyes of a cat. In some strange way, she understood his corrupt power. All the crude force of his personality bore down on her, and for the first time she knew how he had become ruler of the city. She hated him. She could have killed him without compunction or a moment's remorse. And at the same time she wanted to put her arms around him and comfort him.

Very slowly and carefully, he reached for the neck of her dress. After a moment's search, he found the tab of the zipper. With a harsh metallic sound, it began to open. She stared at him, knowing she should be fighting his assault...but her desire for him hypnotized her into helplessness.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
162 pages