The strange adventures of Dr. Cyclops, whose experiments are as evil as they are incredible, make a thrilling and amazing horror story by Will Garth.

Dr. Bulfinch, noted biologist, together with his young and beautiful assistant, Mary Phillips, had travelled thousands of miles to the remote Peruvian jungle in answer to the call of scientist Alexander Thorkel. Close by the site where Thorkel carried on his experiments, natives prated fearfully of black magic. And their weird reports were less strange than the truth, for the hermit scientist's experiments had led to a way to reduce living creatures to one-fifth of their natural size.

In the ensuing action, Drs. Bulfinch and Phillips, together with their party, are turned into tiny creatures who must come to grips with a world suddenly grown large and frightening.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
156 pages
ISBN 978-1647201814