From the pages of Spicy Stories and Snappy pulp magazines comes this compilation of twenty stories:

Foxing the Fox by Jack Woodford
Swell Little Doll, by Otto Nelson
Stage Coach Sal, by Cliff Carruth
Honeymoon Bridge by Ann Lawrence
Brute Appeal, by Cross McLeod
Parisian Bedtime Tales, by Silas Macrae
It's a Wise Wife, by Shane O'Houlihann
It's Good For What Ails You, by Dexter Doone
Pity the Poor Walking Girl, by Merlyn Swift
America's Sweetheart, by Mason Johns
The Women in His Life!, by Phyllis Hoerner
Ticket for Love, by Barnaby Ives
The Country Wench, by Preston Hurley
The Mirror of Love, by Clinton Harcourt
Snow Use!, by Mason Johns
Midnight Madness, by Bob Maxwell
Inspiration, by Malcolm Post
Fare Enough, by Carol Morgan
Chicken Conscious, by Patsy Hunt
Cue For Cinderella, by Barnaby Ives

Fully illustrated with the original interior artwork.

Hardcover w/dust jacket:
6 x 9 inch
370 pages
ISBN 978-1987097306

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
370 pages
ISBN 978-1987097276

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