The Original Magazine Stories Vol. 1

TIGER BY THE TAIL-The haughty, horned aliens from the planet Scotha had very well organized intentions of conquering the Terran Empire-and Captain Dominic Flandry, Terra's ace saboteur, suddenly found himself in a strategic position to louse up the works. How? Well, Achilles had a heel . . . and what else could you call a Scothani?

HONORABLE ENEMIES-Earth was tired, Earthmen weary of the pomp of empire. Yet, survival dictated that the balance of power be maintained. But how could the necessary diplomacy be carried out when one's rival intriguers could read minds?

THE AMBASSADORS OF FLESH-Where they came from or where they went, no one knew. Yet a thousand young maidens of Varrak were missing, hidden somewhere amid the wild stars of the barbarian hordes. Who but dude Flandry stood a chance of tracking them through the asteroid wastes?

THE GAME OF GLORY-Captain Flandry came to the dying marine under a red dwarf sun, with snowflakes falling like blood-drops out of great, clotted clouds. ". . . don't lap my blood so fast!" the waning boy screamed. And he gasped enough more before he died to send Flandry on a long and deadly hunt to a watery world where a monstrous enemy waited for any man who believed in freedom-and in life.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
228 pages
ISBN 978-1647206741

A Message In Secret Vol. 2


The squad's eyes registered the girl's blaster even as their chief spoke. Someone yelled. Bourtai fired into the thick of them. Ionic lightning crashed. Captain Sir Dominic Flandry dropped.

A bolt sizzled where he had been. He fired, wide-beamed, the energy too diluted to kill even at short range but scorching four men at once. As their screams lifted, he bounced back to his feet, overlapped the fallen frontline, stiff-armed a warrior beyond, and hit the landing . . . .

This was the beginning of Flandry's hair-raising mission to Altai, one of the neutral planets between the two warring galactic cultures. But it also looked like the end of the adventure, for beyond his escape lay the man-killing frozen wastes of an ultra-polar zone.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
124 pages
ISBN 978-1647206758