Originally published in Other Worlds Science Stories as a 2-part serial in the June and September 1956 issues, this 87,500 word novel by Roger Arcot tells the story of James Canfield who found himself made young again, with a whole life before him-but as another man! It isn't easy to live somebody else's life, but Canfield adapted himself to the incredible role-until he found out about the GORKEN! Then his new life became a thing of terror that might last a hundred years, or a hundred days. He hadn't been told how long his new youth would last! And to make it worse, he was now the potential gateway into his universe of a fantastic being from ... another dimension? What WAS the Gorken? Human ... or just-IT? There was a girl, too. Was he supposed to love her, or hate her? He didn't know! And one slip was a sentence of death. And who was Picozzi-and THE ONES? How could he succeed in such an incredible masquerade! More, how could he reach into another Time and another Space, to kill a creature who was ABSOLUTE MASTER of an enslaved world three hundred years from now!

This novel is reproduced as a facsimile of the original magazine publication.

Trade Paperback:
134 pages
6 x 9 inch
ISBN 978-1987072495