Lieut. Gullivar Jones
A FICTION HOUSE PRESS FACSIMILE REPRINT: Lieutenant Gulliver Jones, U. S. N., arrived on Mars in a most unexpexected fashion and promptly found himself head-over-heels in adventure. For Mars was a planet of ruined cities, ancient peoples, copper-skinned swordsmen, and weird and awesome monsters. There was a princess to be rescued, a River of Death to be navigated, and a strange prophecy to be fulfilled.

Here is a long-lost classic of interplanetary adventure which some science-fiction experts think may have helped to inspire the immortal Edgar Rice Burroughs. Though by no means a Burroughs novel, everyone who has ever enjoyed a novel of Barsoom will find Edwin L. Arnold's Gulliver of Mars a special reading delight.

Trade Paperback
6 x 9 inch
310 pages
ISBN 978-0692513576