A FICTION HOUSE PRESS FACSIMILE REPRINT: The ability to read minds isn't an unmixed blessing, so learns George Hanlon, Secret Operative of the Inter-Stellar Corps. His unique gift helps him with his assignments, of course-except that he has a lot of trouble with alien minds. He encounters a whole planetfu of alien minds on Estrella when the semi-human inhabitants of this Earth-like world of another sun decide that they want nothing to do with the Federated Planets. He also encounters an inexplicable propaganda ring, and a crime-wave whose sole reason for existing seems to be to discredit the System Hanlon represents.

Hanlon's investigations lead him into complications and troubles, all of which contribute to the entertainment of this tale of intrigue on a distant world. Hanlon, be it understood, is not a super-man. He takes an occasional figurative left on the chin. But he comes back fighting-and the story gains in realism because of his human weaknesses.

Those readers who enjoyed Evans' "Man of Many Minds", in which George Hanlon made his debut in the science fiction world, will recall his unique ability to control animals through the exercise of direct influence within their minds. In "Alien Minds" this gift of Hanlon's reaches its full power; and Evans has created a delightfully amusing sequence of events in which Hanlon plays the part of an animal trainer-the most skillful on a score of worlds.

Trade Paperback
6 x 9 inch
226 pages
ISBN 978-0692533987