Our Large Print Editions come in an 8.5x11 inch softcover book. The type font is 16 point Antique Olive for the text.

LP1: TARZAN OF THE APES by Edgar Rice Burroughs
This is a textural reprint of the A. L. Burt book printing which used the original A. C. McClurg printing plates. Tarzan is the orphaned son of a British nobleman, adopted while a baby by a tribe of anthropoid apes and cared for by a fierce animal foster-mother. He learns all the secrets of the wilds, he acquires the strength and agility of his associates, and in time his human intelligence aids him in becoming the leader of the tribe. His fearless encounters with the jungle terrors, his slowly dawning realization that he is a man, are experiences such as have been nowhere else described with so absorbing an interest. When he meets with others of his kind and is able to note the strange differences, when he sees the woman who should be his mate but is separated from him by unsurmountable obstacles, even greater trials are before him. It is more than a strong, unique story--it is one that will be remembered and read again and again through the coming years. Long available only with censored text, Pulpville Press is proud to present the original First Edition book version of this novel in the Tarzan Series.

408 pages
8.5 x 11 inch softcover isbn 9781936720521

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LP2: AMUSEMENT INC. vs THE SCARLET ACE by Theodore A. Tinsley
Amusements Inc., dedicated to the eradication of evil, and led by Major Lacy, was featured in a series of stories in Black Aces, All Detective Magazine, Bull's-Eye Detective, and Detective Book Magazine. This compilation features the four stories which appeared in All Detective Magazine: "The Scarlet Ace", "Candidate For Death", "Hell House", and "The House of Crime".

206 pages
8.5 x 11 inch softcover isbn 978-1936720538

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LARGE PRINT EDITION: Through the menacing brooding jungle stalked the mighty Ka-Zar, primitive white youth of the jungle, son of the lion, discovering, fighting, conquering beasts, savages and white men who came to kill, and steal the golden treasures from this primeval heart of the Congo.

"King of Claw and Fang" is the first novel in the Ka-Zar of the Beasts series which ran for three issues of his own pulp magazine, beginning in October 1936.

Large-Sized Softcover:
8.5 x 11 inch
194 pages
ISBN 978-1936720569
Large Print Edition