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TARZAN OF THE APES by Edgar Rice Burroughs
This is a textural reprint of the A. L. Burt book printing which used the original A. C. McClurg printing plates and contains the uncensored text of the original. Tarzan is the orphaned son of a British nobleman, adopted while a baby by a tribe of anthropoid apes and cared for by a fierce animal foster-mother. He learns all the secrets of the wilds, he acquires the strength and agility of his associates, and in time his human intelligence aids him in becoming the leader of the tribe.

338 pages
isbn 9781647206819

AMUSEMENT INC. vs THE SCARLET ACE by Theodore A. Tinsley
Amusements Inc., dedicated to the eradication of evil, and led by Major Lacy, was featured in a series of stories in Black Aces, All Detective Magazine, Bull's-Eye Detective, and Detective Book Magazine. This compilation features the four stories which appeared in All Detective Magazine: "The Scarlet Ace", "Candidate For Death", "Hell House", and "The House of Crime".

206 pages

Through the menacing brooding jungle stalked the mighty Ka-Zar, primitive white youth of the jungle, son of the lion, discovering, fighting, conquering beasts, savages and white men who came to kill, and steal the golden treasures from this primeval heart of the Congo.

"King of Claw and Fang" is the first novel in the Ka-Zar of the Beasts series which ran for three issues of his own pulp magazine, beginning in October 1936.

194 pages

When the Lone Wolf Lawman rides to Gillespie County to take up the battle of the defrauded owners of contested rangeland, he finds that he must pit himself against a dangerous crew of vicious land sharks and scheming murderers who are united in a grim conspiracy of death! Possum Ransom dropped a gnarled hand to the holstered Frontier Model Colt revolver. It was one of the early models, an antique, thought Warden. "This here is my title!" old Possum said hotly. "Yuh can't do no such a thing to me! Go on--get, Pallette!" Snarling, Ransom pulled the gun--a mistake, no doubt. There was a sudden movement, a pistol blared. Possum Ransom went down, a dazed look in his bleared eyes. The Frontier Model fell in the sand, and Possum's neck was limp.

154 pages

A PRINCESS OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs
An absorbing tale of adventure and romance forty-three million miles from Earth. John Carter, American, goes to sleep in a mysterious cave in the Arizona desert and when he wakes, he finds himself on Mars. There he meets with a succession of weird and astounding adventures, told in that fascinating and realistic way that makes Burroughs easily the foremost romanticist of his time. Think for a moment of John Carter battling for a beautiful red woman with the Green Men of Mars, creatures fifteen feet high, and of fearsome aspect, with two extra limbs, and you can get some idea of the thrills in the yarn.

250 pages

THE SWORDSMAN OF MARS by Otis Adelbert Kline
Harry Thorne, unable to find a job as a fencing master, meets Dr. Morgan who offers him the chance at adventure and excitement on the planet Mars. Thorne soon finds himself knee-deep in trouble on the planet Mars as he assumes the place of Borgen Takkor, a prince of Mars.

286 pages

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