Operation Cochise: a carefully planned move to colonize a planet ahead of the Reds. Travis Fox had been an eager volunteer, but the morning he dragged himself half-conscious from the wrecked spaceship on the planet Topaz, he sensed the terror which would threaten the project. Travis never learned why the ship had crashed, nor why he and the other Apache agents had been shot into space without warning and under Redax control, a machine which had returned them to ancestral mentality.

But the dangers on Topaz demanded free minds, for Travis soon realized that if the Reds already encamped beyond the mountains--a horde of barbaric Mongols completely dominated by their masters--discovered the secret of the eerie underground chamber in the towers hidden in a valley of mist, not only Topaz but Terra itself would be destroyed.

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In the field of interstellar commerce, where trade was pretty well sewn up by the giant companies, tramp-freighter spaceships like the Solar Queen were up against it. Their only tools were ingenuity and personal fearlessness, the qualities that had gained the Solar Queen exclusive trading rights to Sargol and its fabulous gems.

But those qualities were to be strained to the breaking point to meet Sargol's three challenges. First was the enigmatic obstinacy of the catlike natives. Second was the ruthless incursion of an illegal competitor.

But the third and worst was to be the invisible, indetectable stowaway that would brand the Solar Queen anathema to all inhabited worlds.

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Far from the Terran colony's Homeport on the planet Astra, young Dalgard Nordis and his merman companion Sssuri are suddenly confronted by their old enemies, the alien Astrans. Within the ruins of the Astrans' former citadel the two discover that remnants of this nonhuman race, which had once ruled the entire planet, are struggling, to recover their lost knowledge and thus regain their power. Dalgard realizes that the safety of the Terrans is seriously threatened by this, and there is no hope of warning his people in time.

When a space ship arrives from Terra, its crew ignorant of the existence of a Terran colony on the western continent across the sea, the aliens enlist the spacemen's aid. Of the members of the crew only young Raf Kurbi instinctively mistrusts the Astrans. Through a series of weird and exciting adventures among the ruins and in ancient underground tunnels, Raf eventually meets Dalgard and joins him in the fight against the aliens.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
190 pages
ISBN 978-1647203900