When an atomic explosion destroys the battleship Alaska, Lieutenant Commander Frank Jacklin returns to consciousness in New York, and is shocked to find himself in the body of Winnie Tompkins, a dissolute stock-broker. Unable to explain his real identity, Jacklin attempts to fit into Tompkins' way of life. Complications develop when Jacklin gets involved with Tompkins' wife, his red-haired mistress, and his luscious secretary--three too many women for Jacklin to handle.

His foreknowledge of the Alaska's sinking, and other top-secret matters, plunges him into a mad whirl of intrigue and excitement in Washington--that place where anything can happen, and does!

Where is the real Tompkins is a mystery explained in the smashing climax. Completely delightful, wholly provocative, THE RAT RACE is a striking novel of the American scene.

Trade Paperback:
6 x 9 inch
374 pages