Welcome to my comedy section. Here I have comedies by other people and myself. If you have any comedies you would like to send me, send them to: or I have edited some of these comedies a bit for typos and spelling mistakes. And I gave names to the comedies which had none. Anyways, I have put them in alphabetical order by author. Enjoy!

Beast Wars on David Letterman
By: Anarchy
What would happen if the beast warriors were on the late show?

Romeo and Juliet
By: Anarchy
(PG13) The Beast Warriors try to put on a play!

The Trial of Megatron
By: Anarchy, Cheyenne, Festus3, Moon Kitty, and Scaleblade
How Megatron's trial could've went.

Beast Wars on Jerry Springer
By: Anarchy, Mako, and Moon Kitty
(PG13) When you're called to go on Jerry Springer, it's never good!

Beast Warriors' Video Preferences
By: Architeuthis
What do the beast warriors really watch?

Inferno Goes to Hollywood
By: Architeuthis
Inferno goes through time just to get a certain Titanic star's autograph.

Twenty Observations About Beast Wars Fanfics
By: Architeuthis
The most common things found in Beast Wars fics.

By: Cheyenne
The Beast Warriors once again try to put on a play!

Waspinator Complains
By: Cheyenne
Waspinator hates his job!

L.I.Z.A.R.D. 5000!
By: Draconias Galactica
What's a L.I.Z.A.R.D. 5000? Gotta read to find out!

The TRUE Laws of Physics
By: Draconias Galactica
Wouldn't you like to know?

Character Conclusions
By: Festus3
What will happen to the Beast Wars actors once the show is over?

Blackarachnia's Talk
By: JW%
Blackarachnia tries to explain some touchy topics with her fellow Cybertronians.

In The Beginning
By: Lady Dementia
Someone is sent to watch over the Beast Warriors for the summer. First in a series.

A Day In The Life
By: Lady Dementia
What happens when three Beast Warriors watch too much Barney? Believe me, it's scary! Second in a series.

The Alternate Menace
By: Mako
A funny Beast Wars and Star Wars crossover!

Beast Wars in the Music Business
By: Mako
The Beast Warriors rap!

Inferno and Richard Simmons
By: Mako
Richard Simmons tries to get Inferno to exercise.

By: Mako
Mako's version of one of my Inferno-in-a-package jokes!

Interview With a Maximal
By: Mako
Mako interviews Optimus about the upcoming "Beast Machines".

Interview With a Predacon
By: Mako
Mako interviews Megatron about the upcoming "Beast Machines".

Megatron Gets a Job
By: Mako
What if Megatron had to take orders from a boss?

Standing at the Bus Stop
By: Mako
Umm, just read it!

Theme Songs
By: Mako
Theme songs for the characters.

Working at McDonald's
By: Mako
What if the Beast Warriors all got jobs at McDonald's?

Top Ten Things Never to be Seen in Beast Wars
By: Matrix3
Exactly what the title sais.

A Beast Wars Halloween
By: Moon Kitty
The beast warriors have a Halloween party!

Beast Wars on The Price is Right
By: Moon Kitty
The Beast Warriors go on The Price is Right!

By: Moon Kitty
(PG13) What is an Inferno-in-a-package? And how do I get one?

The Arrival
By: Scaleblade
The coming of a new Predacon... Scaleblade! First in a series.

The Lost Pokemon
By: Scaleblade
Scaleblade finds a Pokemon. Second in a series.

Behind the Scenes
By: Silverblade
The Beast Warriors complain about Silverblade's plays

Birthday Girl!
By: Silverblade
It's Silverblade's birthday! But guess who else has a birthday on that day...

Break Time
By: Silverblade
The Beast Warriors go to the mall!

By: Silverblade
Optimus finally gets a part in a play.

By: Silverblade
The beast warriors try to put on a play!

Sleeping Beauty
By: Silverblade
Yet another play!

Snow White
By: Silverblade
More plays!

The Threat of Richard Simmons Continues...
By: Silverblade
Richard Simmons is an alien?

Graveyard Shift
By: SilverGirl
Can't say without giving it away! :)

BW Characters That We Never See in the Follows Movies and Series
By: Sky Shadow
Title says it all!

How, When and Where Write the Fansfics' Authors?
By: Sky Shadow
Jokes about fanfic authors!

Things That We Never Saw in BW Show
By: Sky Shadow
Title sais it all!

The Looong Weekend
By: Spider Striker
A very long weekend for the Beast Wars.

The Beast-Files
By: Stormcloud
What if Fox combined Beast Wars and The X-Files?

The Jerry Springer show
By: Washer
Sequel to Rattrap Sues Hasbro.

Rattrap Sues Hasbro
By: Washer
Recommended to anyone who hates Bob Skir or Beast Machines!