Character Conclusions
By: Festus3

Beast Wars is over, but the actor's careers are just beginning.

Inside the main office waiting room at Hollywood, all of the characters from beast wars are sitting in various chairs sofas exetera including the two Vok playing a game of chess, Transmutate reading Newsweek, Silverbolt is asleep on Tarantulus' shoulder drooling all over him. At one of the sofas Tigatron, Rhinox, Airrazor, and Rampage are watching a soap opera. Everyone else is waiting patiently, except for Optimas who is talking to the lady at the counter.

Optimas: What do you mean I can't be in Star Wars Episode II?

Lady: Just that, you can't! (Optimas is getting ready to hit her when Megatron walks up behind him and grabs his arm followed by Cheetor, Rattrap, and Blackaracnia.)

Megatron: Haven't you heard? We have been cast for a new series called Beast Machines.

Optimas: Really? Why am I the last to find all these things out? (The five leave the waiting room talking and laughing.)

Transmutate: (Sets down his Newsweek and speaks In a very sophisticated British accent.) I can't believe that that no-talent commoner was cast before me. (The lady at the counter picks up the micro-phone and announces-)

Lady: Auditions for Rainman 2 are starting now. (Sensing a hit all of the robots dash for the door, but they are beat by a strangely familiar man that goes in and locks the door.)

Waspinator: I would have been perfect for that part, at least I wouldn't have to speak in third person. (Airrazor walks up to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek.)

Airrazor: It's okay honey (badum chich) You'll find something.

Waspinator: (After Airrazor walks away he turns to QuickStrike.) I'm glad that I married her, by the way, go see how my stocks are doing.

Quickstrike: Yes sir, right away sir. (He runs out of the room.)

Lady: Auditions for Airforce One 2 are starting now.

Waspinator: a part I was born to play. (He walks through the door followed by his wife Airrazor.)

Scorponok: (to Silverbolt) You wanna give it a try?

Silverbolt: No, I don't want to do any more acting.

Scorponok: Look I know you're sad that Blackaracnia got promoted but-

Silverbolt: I don't need your pity. (he reluctantly gets up and goes through the door followed by Scorponok.)

Inferno: (Sets down his newspaper) Oh, blast! will this wait ever end?

Lady: Auditions for the Barney show's new educational story reading segment are opening now.

Vok 1: A most promising-

Vok 2: career move if-

Vok 1: I do say-

Vok 2: so myself.

Vok 1: Do you-

Vok 2: agree?

Vok 1: Yes. (The two float through the doorway.)

Depthcharge: Freaks! (Tarantulus walks up to the small coffee table and gets his fifteenth cup.)

Tigatron: Don't you think that you've had enough?

Tarantulus: I'lltellyouwhenI'vehadenoughyoudon'tcontrolmeIcanmakemyownchoices doyouthinkI'msomekindofbabythatcan'tmakehisownchoices?

Lady: Auditions for primary villain of Star wars Episode 2. (Everyone starts to walk toward the door when Terrersoar comes in the room, everyone freezes, then backs away from the door.)

Terrersoar: I'd be glad to do it again, just not so much makeup this time. (He goes through the door.)

Rhinox: wow that was close.

Ravage: Yeah, ever since he got that role on Star Wars he's been kinda freaky. (Suddenly a bustling crowd with cameras comes in, in the center is Dinobot guarded by Dinobot II and Rattrap, both in dark clothes and sunglasses, the crowd around him is screaming questions like, Dinobot, what do you have to say about your new movie- Dinobot, is it true that your new movie is going to be filmed in- Dinobot, what do you- Hey Dinobot!)

Rattrap: Back off ya vultures! (They make it through the door and the paperatzee fades out of the room.)

Rampage: (Walks up to the counter.) Excuse me, could you kindly tell me the location of the nearest fast food restaurant? (The lady point's out the window.)

Lady: Find it ya'self.

Depthcharge: I'm tired of waiting too, I'm going with you. (He walks up to Rampage.)

Rampage: thanks.

Depthcharge: What are big brothers for? (They walk out of the room. Transmutate walks up to the counter.)

Transmutate: Excuse me ma'am, but when will the auditions be for Guestafon?

Lady: Look honey, I got no idea what your talkin' about so go complain to management. (Transmutate walks off, he is back in a few seconds.)

Transmutate: There is no complaint department.

Lady: Auditions for the new Three Stooges' movie are starting now (Tigatron grabs the hyper Tarantulus and walks in, followed by Transmutate.)

Inferno: What is taking so long?

Lady: Patience sweetie.

Tigerhawk: (picks up a Reader's Digest and starts laughing at the jokes.) Ha ha! That's not cheese, ha!

Rhinox: Quiet down! (He is emersed in the soap opera.)

Lady: World Wrestling Federation auditions are starting now.

Rhinox: Ooh! (he, Ravage and Tigerhawk run through the door. Inferno sits there for over an hour.)

Lady: Terminator three auditions are starting now.

Inferno: Yes, finally a role that fits my full potential! (He goes through the door.)