Birthday Girl!
By: Silverblade

Narrator: Ok, play time guys!!!!

BA: But you said only one more!!!

Narrator: I lied (grins)

Everyone: *sigh!* we won't do it!!

Narrator: *pout* please??? It's my birthday in today!

Optimus: How old will you be???

Narrator: 14


Narrator: That's young??? (narrows eyes) How old are you guys??

Rattrap: We're not gonna tell you, that's embarrassing.

Optimus: Yeah, we have to keep our ages secret! (whispers) But I'll tell you one thing, Megatron is the oldest!

Megatron: HEY!!! I heard that! *pouts* No one tell my troops, they'll laugh at me. I said I was really young.

Predacons: We heard. (they look very serious, then burst out laughing. Optimus goes around, and says his true age to everyone)

Megatron: (is weeping) Stop! It's no fair!!!

BA: Awwwwwww, is the little weak old man sad???

Megatron: But... butbut.... I'm not really old..... (his eyes light up with an idea) um.....Optimus is lying!! Uh...yeah!!

Optimus: Yeah right!!! We don't believe you, you always lie all the time!!

Megatron: Man! Now all the chicks won't want me because I'm old! *whimper*

BA: Either way, NO one wants you!

Megatron: Awww man, why do you all have to be so mean to me on my birthday?

Everyone: WHAT???!!!

Megatron: No one remembered? I just thought this was a surprise party! (starts crying)

Narrator: GAH!!!!! *gag* I have to same birthday as Mega-Jerk over there?? (gags again, turns blue, and runs out to the bathroom to barf up her cake)

Inferno: I remembered your birthday my queen!!!! (hands him a skinny gift in purple wrapping)

Megatron: Oh, goody! (Rips it open) YAY, a dress! Oh, it's sooooo pretty! Pink and Purple!!! I wanna put it on right now. Inferno, you can help me put it on!

Inferno: (looks eager) YES, my queen!!!!!

Everyone: EEEWWWWWW!

Tarantulas: I knew he was weird... but this... I should have blown up the pod right when it landed!

Megatron: (Comes out singing, I'm so pretty.)

Everyone: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (runs out in terror)

Narrator: (Comes out still with a bluish tinge on her face) Uggghhhh! I give up... no play today...

Megatron: I wanna go to the ice cream shop to show off my new dress!!.....