By: Moon Kitty ( or

Is there someone who annoys you? Someone who you don't like? Someone you wanna burn? If you said yes, then here's your chance to get even! Send 'em an Inferno-in-a-package! What's an Inferno-in-a-package? You may ask. Well, it's Inferno, and he's in a package. You send the package to the unfortunate b@st@rd you want to get revenge on, and well, Inferno burns 'em up for ya! Still not convinced? Well, if you order now, it'll cost you only $9999.99! Plus, you'll get a FREE Waspinator key-chain! Wow! Isn't that amazing!

Inferno-in-a-package jokes!

Joke #1: To the Fox executive who suggested that they take The Tick and Sam and Max out of Fox's line up. Spider Striker said that I should send 'em an Inferno-in-a-package. And I did of course! ;)

Fox executive (it was his idea BTW): I see I have a new package, wonder what it is....

*Opens package. Inferno pops out*

Inferno: Was it your idea to take Sam and Max and The Tick out of your line up?

Fox Ex: Yes, that would be me. You're Inferno right? Ya know, we can make a lot of money off of you!

Inferno: You b@st@rd! You shall burn in the fires of Inferno!!! Hahaha!!!

*Inferno burns Fox Ex.*

Inferno: FOR THE ROYALTY!!!! And for all the children who need violently funny and downright good cartoons on their TV!!

Joke #2: To President Clinton. Who wouldn't send him one?

Clinton: A package for me? Probably from one of my thousands of girlfriends! Hehe! I hope Hilary doesn't find out….

~ Opens package. Inferno in beast mode pops out ~

Clinton: Wow! A big stuffed ant, I wonder if it vibrates…. (hey, he's a sick guy!)

~ Inferno suddenly gets very scared by Clinton's last statement. But he has a mission to do… ~

Inferno: Inferno, TERRORIZE!!!

Clinton: Woooow! That was so cool! I wish my girlfriends could do that in (a certain place I'm not gonna say). By any chance, you don't work for Who's Damn Insane (We all know who that is), do ya?


~ Inferno chases Clinton out of the White House while burning him in the process. ~

Later, we see Hilary and Megatron having champagne together when Inferno comes in….

Inferno: Royalty, I have done what you ordered me!

Hilary: I just wish I could see that Jack-@$$'s face when Inferno came out of that package!

Megs: Me too. But now I get to be President and with you at my side of course.

~ Inferno getting scared again ~

Inferno: Can I leave?

Megs: Yes, go bug MK

~ Inferno gladly leaves, happy he didn't catch them when (you know). ~


MK: So, what did you do today?

Inferno: I got to burn the President of the United States.

MK: Oh okay. Lucky you. I just sat at my computer all day getting hyper.