Megatron Gets a Job
By: Mako

Giving up on the whole Transforming thing, Megatron gives up his dreams for world domination. Eventually, he settles down for a nice desk job...

Boss: Megatron! Didn't I tell you to get these copies filed?

Megatron: You said no such thing, no.

Boss: I told you five minutes ago.

Megatron: I fail to see why you continue making these absurd unsupported assertions. I demand absolute verifiable proof of this lie, yes.

Boss: Here I tape recorded myself telling to file these copies.

Megatron: And what precisely is this meant to prove?

Boss: That I told you to file these copies.

Megatron: Again I fail to see the relevance of this argument, nooo.

Boss: I TOLD you to file the copies. YOU didn't do it. Why didn't you do it?

Megatron: Do what?

Boss: File the copies damn it!

Megatron: I thought we had already resolved this issue and you had given up this ridiculous line of argument, yesss...

Boss: Just file the damn copies already!!! Now!!!

Megatron: I fail to see what the copies have to do with anything.

Boss: The copies, they are what must be filed, I am asking you to file them, please file them now!

Megatron: ...If you want me to file copies you should have said so.

Boss: I did say so, over and over again.

Megatron: Yes... but we only have your word for it.

Boss: I have it tape recorded.

Megatron: Which is supposed to prove what?

Boss: You're fired.

Megatron: This is not good, no... Why am I being fired?

Boss: Because you won't do any work.

Megatron: I fail to see the relevance of this "work" to my being fired.

Boss: You've been hired to do work, if you don't do it, you get fired.

Megatron: I find your argument entirely specious, yes.

Boss: Just get the hell out of the building.

Megatron: I demand to know by what right you are terminating my employment, yes. I seek redress of this outrage.

Boss: You won't do any work, you won't explain why you won't do any work and so you're fired.

Megatron: I fail to comprehend your irrelevant fixation on work, no.

Boss: Work is why your job exists. Without work, no job.

Megatron: Sigh. Your causal connection is belied by the fact that jobs frequently precede work. I was hired for this job before I did any work, yesss... therefore I should continue being employed here regardless of this irrelevant work issue you keep bringing up.

Boss: You were hired to do work, you must do work or be fired.

Megatron: A moment ago you said I was fired, you are contradicting yourself, please try and keep your argument straight, yes.

Boss: Just leave.

Megatron: I demand to know why I should leave.

Boss: If you don't leave, I shall beat you to a bloody faceless pulp.

Megatron: It is a sign of your lack of basis that you are forced to resort to crude threats, yesss...

Boss: Just go. Please.

Megatron: But I see no reason to go. You have given me no valid reason why I should leave when I have been an exemplary employee.

Boss: Exemplary employee!!! You never did any work!!!

Megatron: I thought we had already settled this whole "work thing," yes.

Boss: FINE! Fine... don't do anything. See if I care.

Megatron: Excellent, yessss.