The Threat of Richard Simmons Continues…
By: Silverblade


Simmons: C'mon people!!! Let's get physical!!!!

Narrator: Oh no!!! He's gaining!! *suddenly gets an idea* HEY! Why are we running?!

Rattrap: Because the guy is creepy, and Megatron likes him!

Narrator: But, can't you guys just shoot him or something?

Optimus: You're right! Everyone! Open fire! *They all start shooting, but when the smoke clears....*

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH! *Suddenly out of the puddle that used to be Richard Simmons, comes a very angry-looking green monster.

Optimus: HE's an ALIEN!

Narrator: Hmmmmm, now why doesn't that surprise me?

Simmons: ha-HA! I was always an alien! My evil plan was to make everyone on earth more fit to become my slave army! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! *Continues laughing, until he collapses on the ground* Hee-heh... *cough cough* hehheh...

Everyone: *Stares for a moment*

Narrator: Well??? What are we waiting for???! Kill IT!

Rattrap: She's right! *Starts shooting, and everyone joins in*

Narrator: *Takes out a missile launcher* heeheee! Been saving this baby for a SPECIAL OCCAISION! *everyone looks at her enviously*

~Five minutes later, you see a puddle of green goo~

Narrator: *Wipes her brow* Phew! Man! what a fun time!

Rattrap: That was more fun than getting on Chopperface's nerves!

Dinobot: *Growls at him*

Narrator: At least he's dead at long last! *suddenly the pile of green goo reforms into thousands of tiny Richard Simmons.


Narrator: Everyone stomp on them!!!

~Five minutes later, they have the goo in an un-breakable container~

Narrator: Optimus, would you mind throwing this really REALLY far out into space or something? Maybe... no.. yes, throw it at the sun, please?

Optimus: With pleasure! *throws it*

Narrator: Now with him gone, the world is a better place! But... we haven't finished the play!!!! Everyone get in this studio now!

Optimus: But-but.... we just saved the world from scary Richard Simmons' aliens!

Narrator: No buts! Get in there!

Optimus: Awwwwwww...

Megatron: Wha....? Where did that nice Richard Simmons go...?.....