Romeo and Juliet
By: Anarchy

Narrator: "Ok, Silverbolt, you're Romeo,"

Silverbolt: "I will do my Best, Sir."

Narrator: "and Black Arachnia, you're Juliet."

Silverbolt: "My very best, Sir."

Narrator: "Yes, um, that's good,"

Silverbolt: "In fact, I think we should go behind the set there and, um, practice."

Narrator: "Ok, nevermind, Silverbolt you run the spotlight instead, Dinobot, you're Romeo."

Silverbolt: "But sir, you cannot separate me from the light of my soul!"

Narrator: "Oh, save it spotlight boy, get up there! Dinobot! Come over here!"

Dinobot: "Oh of COURSE mister Narrator SIR! I see no point in this charade!"

Black Arachnia: "I am not going to kiss that THING, find yourself another Juliet."

Narrator: "Fine, Airazor..."

Airazor: "Not an energon cube's chance in the Inferno!"

Dinobot: "What?!? How dare you..."

Narrator: "Someone better volunteer or I'm going to have Megatron do it."

Megatron: "Slag, not again."

Moon Kitty: "I'll do it! Ooh please pick me!"

Narrator: "I don't know who you are but ok, better learn your lines."

Moon Kitty: "You heard the man! C'mon let's go back there and learn our lines."

Dinobot: (From behind the set) "I will not be ordered about by an insolent female such as...Whoa.."

(We hear moaning and such from behind the scenes, and I believe I heard Moon Kitty saying how she didn't know raptors had such long agile tongues.)

Narrator: "Um, Ok, uh anyway Rhinox, you're the monk, Optimus, you're head of the Montague family,"

Optimus Minor: "Finally, a decent part."

Narrator: "No, Optimus Primal."

Optimus Minor: "Slag! How come I never get any good parts!"

Rattrap: "Because you're a Drunk, Minor!"

Everyone: "Shutup Rattrap!"

Narrator: "and you will be Benvolio, Rattrap. Tybalt and Mercutio will be Tarantulas and Megatron Respectively,"

Tarantulas: "Finally, a male part!"

Megatron: "Yessss"

Narrator: "Except in this production, Tybalt and Mercutio will be female,"

Tarantulas: "Slag! This is worse than that time Rampage tore me limb from limb!"

Megatron: "Nooo! Oh, wait, does this mean I get a new dress?"

Narrator: "And high heels"

Megatron (Quietly):"Yesss!"

Tarantulas: "I will not abide this foolishness any longer! Show yourself Narrator so that my happy dagger may find its Sheath! Bwahahaahaaha!"

Things only degrade from there, with the narrator dead on the floor, Megatron singing "The sun'll come out tomorrow" in high heels and a skirt. Moon Kitty and Dinobot Moaning so loudly that Optimus went to remind him that this is a family show and Rattrap going to watch. By the end only Optimus Minor sits alone on the stage with a bottle in his hand singing quietly to himself rocking slowly back and forth singing Margaritaville to himself.

-Anarchy (The Shakespearean Corruptor singing the score from Cats with a bottle in his hand.)

Editors Note: This is changed from the original version solely for Moon Kitty who seemed to want it this way, so I hope she's happy!