Snow White
By Silverblade

Narrator: Ok, over here. I'm gonna try to do a play with you guys, one more time.


Megatron: (trying to sound annoyed, but it comes out in a hopeful tone) Am I a girl again??

Narrator: Well...actually, um.. no. Do you want to be a female? I can switch the parts.

Megatron: Yes...uh I mean no...

Narrator: Ok, you can be a girl again. Besides, I only have one dress for the evil witch, and it's a size 90.

Megatron: (Looks around to see if anyone heard) I told you to keep my cloths size secret!

Narrator: (Rolls her eyes) Whatever. Anyway for this part, you will also need to wear makeup, pantyhose, and high-heels to cover those ugly feet of yours. (hands them to him) put these on and go to my make up person to fix you up.

Megatron: OOOooh!!! I like this color! (purple).

Narrator: Um...okay. Go get those on.

Megatron: Can I keep it???

Narrator: No, It's not mine

Megatron: Awwwwww no fair! (walks away)

Narrator: Ok now! Airazor, you are going to be Snow White, and Silverbolt, you will be the prince.

Silverbolt: Awwww but can't BA be Snow White?

Narrator: No, she's gonna be a dwarf.


Narrator: Because, you're one of the shorter ones of the group. Oh Rattrap, you are gonna be the head dwarf

Rattrap: Oh goody.

Narrator: Ok the rest of you are dwarfs. Except you Optimus. You're way too big to be in the play.

Optimus: Awww man!

Megatron: (Comes out wearing purple dress, yellow wig, and makeup) I'm ready! (he admires himself in the mirror, unaware that everyone was watching him) Wow, this red lipstick really brings out the purple in my face! (everyone starts laughing)

Megatron: (just now noticing that there were other people in the room) What?

Tarantulas: Look at him! Look at that ugly dress!!

Megatron: WHAT?! It is not ugly, NOOOOO! I will scrap you for that! (jumps at Tarantuals, he just laughs harder at the sight of a 'female' Megatron lunging at him)

Tarantulas: (just realizes, that he is in immediate danger) Aaaarrgghhh! OOf! (they roll across the floor punching at each other, and run into everyone else, which starts them all in a fight.)

Narrator: (walks away) I give up.

Megatron: OOh, does that mean I get to keep the dress?.....