Waspinator Complains
By: Cheyenne

Megatron walks up to Waspinator, who, as usual, was fuming over something. "What's wrong?" he asks.

Waspinator looks up from the script he's reading and snaps, "It's this script! It's all the scripts! I hate my character!" He pauses, then added thoughtfully, "No, wait. I don't hate my character. I hate the writers! How dare they make me what I am!"

Megatron sits down beside his fellow actor and asks, "Now come on, it's not THAT bad is it?"

Waspinator stared down at the script and huffed, "Yes. It is. Not that you'd understand. You're character's cool. Mine's a moron. Look at this. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Waspinator this, Waspinator that. Buzz, buzz, buzz. The only thing more annoying then having to talk in third person is having to buzz all the time! For Primus' sake, I'm a living onomatopoeia!" He threw the script as hard as he could. Unfortunately, it hit Blackarachnia, who has just entered the room.

Blackarachnia stared at Waspinator for a moment, her mouth agape, then took a deep breath and screamed. Cheetor, her husband, ran up to her, taking her in his arms, trying to comfort her. Blackarachnia stopped screaming and started hitting the poor cheetah. "Don't touch me!" she spat.

Megatron and Waspinator shook their heads sadly as they watched Blackarachnia beat on her husband. "I may play a moronic character on the show," Waspinator commented, "but at least I'm not married to her."