The Arrival
By: Scaleblade


Twas the night before tomorrow, and all through the bases, not a robot was blasting anything, not even any vases. Tarantulas occasionally grabbed a midnight snack now and then, while Waspinator still tiredly did some research called "The Magic Of Qhen". Inferno was cuddled up with his favorite stuffed bear, and Megatron was of doing something we don't know where. Terrorsaur was just happy to know that Megatron was gone, and Blackaracnia decided to invent something she didn't know what it was yet though but she thinks it's a scone.

"Umm, excuse me, but could you stop with The Night Before Christmas thing? You're giving me a headache." Tarantulas said as he ate a rat. Oh sorry I'll stop now.

Now, in the maximal base, things were quite the same. Optimas was gone somewhere, and Rhinox did some research on "What is a pear?" Cheetor was sleeping, because he wants to sleep, while Air-razor went back to her nest without a peep. Rat-trap was bored, didn't know what to do, then Dino-bot came around and called him. "Oh ye of brains few." They had a big chase, you can guess who was the winner, Dino-bot by a scale, with a scream of vengeance Rat-trap bit his tail.

But outside something was very strange. A stasis pod! Right in pred range! It must have fallen minutes before, also in front of the preds front door. It opened slightly, It asked "Is this Mos Eistly?" A black figure came out and opened the preds' door, and was surprised the ground was a steel floor, it went in hiding, as it was gliding hoping no one would see it.

Act One:

"I know there is someone spying on us somewhere, I just don't know who. Terrorsaur" Megatron said as pointed his finger to some boxes. A few minutes passed and Terrorsaur came back with a little black dragon in his hand.

"Lemme go you over sized cherry! You're ruining my scales! And HURTING MY TAIL!" It yelled in a femme, slightly Scottish accented voice. Terrorsaur dropped it on a platform and it transformed to her robot mode.

"Who are you?" Megatron asked.

"I am Scaleblade of the predacons." She answered.

"Were you signed on this crew?" Megatron asked again.

"No, I came from a stasis pod." Scaleblade answered coolly.

"Then are you sure you are a predacon and not maximal?" Megatron asked again.

"If I was a maximal I would be at the maximal base, not in this dump. Although it is familiar." Scaleblade looked around.

"Very well, what is your function?" Megatron was a bit happy with the new predacon.

"Magic and Ariel attacks." Scaleblade thought a bit.

"Hmmm, finally someone useful. Terrorsaur come with me I need to brief with you on an attack." Megatron left Scaleblade to explore the ship. Scaleblade soon got used to the platform then she saw Waspinator.

"Brother? Is that you?" Scaleblade asked.

"Zzcaleblade?" Waspinator looked at the incoming robot. "Wazzpinator though you couldn't come." Waspinator said.

"I snuck out and accidentally went into a stasis pod." Scaleblade smirked.

"Wazzpinator iz in the middle of a war I don't need you to make life even harder." Waspinator started to get mad.

"Waspinator, I'm five whole years old! I can take care of myself." Scaleblade started to mad as well.

"That's not old enough to be in a war!" Waspinator was now very mad. "FINE!" Scaleblade yelled and left. Terrorsaur saw everything and went to Waspinator.

"Sibling squabble?" Terrorsaur asked. Waspinator gasped and turned around in surprise.

"Listen don't tell Megatron her age or that zhe iz Wazzpinator'z zizter, please." Waspinator begged.

"Fine, your secret's safe with me." Terrorsaur smirked.

We cut to Scaleblade on a platform

"Stupid brother thinks I can't do anything by myself. One day I'll just pull a gun on him and BANG!" Scaleblade was complaining. She found her way to Tarantulas'ss lair and she walked in. "Hello? Anyone there?" She asked. A bright beam of blue light hit her and she was forced to transform. An evil laugh was heard. "Scaleblade! Terrorize!" Scaleblade couldn't transform. A stasis web trapped her, she went offline.


Scaleblade woke up to find herself in a stasis web. Her robotic dragon eye hmm slightly as she looked around. "So how are you faring?" Tarantulas asked.

"Aww, you idiot. I'm a predacon new recruit." Scaleblade was a bit weak from shock.

"Prove it. Do you have a predacon chip?" Tarantulas asked.

"Duh. I'm Waspinator's sister." Scaleblade rolled her eyes.

"Are you sure the crash didn't mess up your circuits?" Tarantulas asked.

"Like I said before, If I was a maximal I would be at the maximal base." Scaleblade was getting mad. "That's it I can't stand being here with a spider." Scaleblade spewed acid on the web. The acid ate at the web destroying it and releasing Scaleblade. Scaleblade stretched her wings happily. "Ahh, that's better." She hissed.

"Impressive, lizard. What else con you do?" Tarantulas smirked.

"I am not a lizard, I am a dragon. A black dragon." Scaleblade said proudly.

"Do you know anything else?" Tarantulas asked.

"Yes. See that rock over there?" Scaleblade pointed her scaly claw at a huge boulder.

"Yes." Tarantulas looked at the rock. Scaleblade rubbed right hand and a fireball started and hurled it at the rock smashing it. "Very interesting. The dragon knows magic." Tarantulas thought in his mind.

"Now if you don't mind, I need to hunt or the same fate as the rock will be yours" Scaleblade pushed Tarantulas out of the way and left into the darkness. Megatron enters.

"Tarantulas. Have you seen Scaleblade?" Megatron asked.

"Yes, she went hunting." Tarantulas answered.

"Err, this is no time to go hunting." Megatron growled.

The Forest

Scaleblade stayed low to the ground as she looked for deer and such things to eat, her form required much meat and she has not eaten in a long time. Blood rushed to her head causing pain in hunger, then she saw a large grouping of deer with the plumpest stag she had seen. She ducked down lower and waited for the kill (To Die For music starts on the high note all the deer's heads go up and they start running) Scaleblade about a second later started dashing for them. They were fast runners, almost too fast for Scaleblade but her aching temples urged her on, soon after two minutes of a great chase she caught up the pacing wildlife and killed three with two swipes. She ate with great pleasure that soughed her hunger for raw meat.

"Scaleblade, do you copy?" Megatron's voice came from Scaleblade's comlink. Scaleblade gulped a piece of meat.

"I'm trying to eat, you're ruining my meal." Scaleblade got a bit mad.

"I need you to scout the perimeter for maximal spies." Megatron said firmly.

"(Gives a dragon growl) I do not want to. I'm eating my hard earned meal, it isn't easy for us dragons to find meat you know." Scaleblade ate another mouthful of meat.

"Oh I don't care, just do it, Scaleblade. Megatron out." Megatron cut the transmission.

"Infernal Incompetent." Scaleblade ate another gulp of meat. Little did she know that a disgusted Tigatron was watching her.

The Predacon base

"And she's actually five years old." Terrorsaur finished a sentence.

"Nonsense Terrorsaur, if Scaleblade was five she wouldn't even…. be….. send the two to me." Megatron almost slapped himself in the face when he thought that this secret was right under his nose.

Fifteen Minutes later

Waspinator is in robot mode and Scaleblade was in dragon mode some blood still on her black lips "What do you want, hey what are you doing here! (Growling)" Both Waspinator and Scaleblade said at the same time. "I was called here not you!" They both said again as they start going in a circle. Scaleblade let out a roar and was about to pounce on Waspinator to hurt him but Megatron put his hand in the way in a stop signal. Scaleblade hit his hand, hurting her head. "Hey! What was that for!?" Scaleblade yelled as she rubbed her head with her claws. Waspinator started to laugh. "Shut up!" Scaleblade readies her tail to whip him.

"Calmness please, I only asked you here to talk." Megatron is interrupted.

"Wazzpinator ain't talking when zzhe's here." Waspinator turned away.

"And I ain't talkin' when he's here." Scaleblade turned away as well. "In fact I'm leaving!" Scaleblade started to leave.

"Scaleblade, get back here." Megatron faceplamed.

"I can't here you! La la la la la le le la LA!" Scaleblade poked her head around the corner then left. Terrorsaur comes back, holding Scaleblade by the tail. "How many times must I tell you this? LEMME GO YOU STRAWBERRY OR I'LL KILL YOU BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!" Scaleblade's tawny eyes turn red with anger. Once again Terrorsaur dropped Scaleblade on a platform then held her down preventing her to escape.

"Now, as I was saying…." Megatron started.

We fade to black, this is the end of Act One.

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