Things that we never saw in BW Show
By: Sky Shadow (

A smallest jokes of our favorites show.
We never saw in Beast Wars Show at:
* Waspanator making a date with a psychiatrist.
* Rampage in the Disney Studios asking: "Excuse me, is here the place where need a crab for the movie "The Little Mermaid?"
* Cheethor paying a parking fine. (Hey! He ran over the speed limit!).
* Inferno and Scorponok on strike.
* Lawyer "Mr. Megatron?"
Megatron (Annoyed) "Yes, what's going on? What's it?"
Lawyer "You was claimed by my customer, due you use his copyright without his permission."
Megatron "Who's your customer?"
Lawyer " Megatron, Decepticons' Leader."
* Psychiatrist "Well, Mister Waspanator... Your date's time end, when do you like your next?"
Waspanator "Let me ask at Waspanator..."
* Rampage singing "Under the sea, under the sea..."
* Silverbolt and Blackarachnia having a candle lit. (You know... In a French restaurant, with candle's lights, violin music... How Romantic!)
* Megatron, Terrorsaur and Dino Bot in Jurassic Park.
* Rattrap captured in a biggest mousetrap.