How, When and Where Write the Fansfics' Authors?
By: Sky Shadow (

Sometimes, I wondered several things about other fansfics. authors especially when they write. The followed jokes are about some sort of fansfics authors and how, when or where they write.
How write...
* the modern fanfics. author?
Answer: In a computer.
* the fansfic. author that English isn't his/her first language?
Answer: Difficulty.
* the indolents?
Answer: A letter by day.
When write...
* The fanfics' Editors?
Answer: When they can. (After correct 50 works or more).
* The Webmaster?
Answer: Every time that she/he can.
* Who haven't any inspiration?
Answer: When they Muse wake up.
Where write...
* who're going to school?
Answer: In a boring class.
* Who're on holiday?
Answer: In any place (They're on holiday!).