Standing at the Bus Stop
By: Mako

-We see Waspinator, Silverbolt and Tigatron standing at the bus stop-

SB: "So I told the fool to get outta my face, know what I'm saying?"

TG: "totally, man. Teach dem cons ta go up ta dat in our territory, Right, Big W?"

WP: "ZZZ, hell yeah."

-A car drives by, but stops and backs up. Airazor and BA are in the car, and AR is at the wheel-

BA, tipping her sunglasses, "are those bugle boy jeans you're wearing?"

Silverbolt and Tigatron look down. They ARE wearing Bugle boys-

AR, popping a bubble from her gum, "we're going to a party on 35th. Interested?"

-SB and TG jump in the car-

WP: "What about Waspinator?"

SB: "We'll be right back, stay here."

TG: "Yeh, don move. heheheh."

-the car drives away-

WP: "Ok...."

-hours pass. It turns dark. Waspinator is still standing there-

WP: "Why univerze ate Waspinator?"