Sleeping Beauty
By: Silverblade

Narrator: Ok, play time everyone!!

Everyone: *sigh* trudges over to the stage.

Optimus: Why can't you just give up on this? It never works, and ends in total chaos.

Narrator: but this time it WILL WORK! *gives them all an evil look* Or else!

Tarantulas: *realizes something* Or else WHAT? You're just a pitiful human, you can't hurt US!

Narrator: *Looks smug* If you don't listen, I will force you to watch Barney 24 hours a day, for a WEEK!

Everyone: *looks horrified* ok ok!!!

Narrator: Ok, now. Here are you parts, and lines, now get out there!

Optimus: I won't fit out there.

Narrator: who says you have to? *shoves him outside to hand out programs*


Snotty woman: *walks in* Gimme a program now!! *looks up *EEEEEEEEEEE!* faints*

Optimus: *looks confused* What did I do?

Other people: yaaaah! run a monster!! AAAHHHH!

Optimus: *whimper* no one likes me!


Narrator: OK! Time for a performance! *shoves them out. They sit there and look confused *Ok, it's the scene where sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss! BA, look like you're asleep already!

BA: Grrrr. I don't like this bed. It's to...frilly… *looks disgusted*

Narrator: LAY.DOWN.

BA: I'm not a *#@$! dog!

Narrator: Just do it, please? Or you get to see Barney constantly for a MONTH!

BA: *shudders* Ok ok! *lays down.

Narrator: Ok, Rattrap, kiss her.

Rattrap: WHAT?! I don't think so!!!!!

BA: *jumps out of the bed* NO WAY!! HIM kiss ME?? Blech *gags* Rattrap: Oh, quit acting, you know you want me!

BA: ARRRRGGHHH! You're dead! *chases after a screaming Rattrap, guns blazing*

Optimus: *peeks in the door* *pout* Everyone is running away from me!

Narrator: Ok, then get out of there. *looks around for a person not involved in fighting* Inferno, you go out there.

~five minutes later~



Optimus: *in a corner* NO one likes me!!!! *pout*

BA: *has Rattrap pinned* now your DEAD!

Megatron: *in dressing room* OOOoooohhhh! Look at all the pretty dresses!

Narrator: NO! Don't put that on it won't...*RIIIIIIIIIIIP!* *sigh* fit you.... *the building is burning down*

~five minutes later, the building is gone~

Narrator: Oh great, how am I gonna explain THIS?.....