Theme Songs
By: Mako

Character music to play on the last ep:

House of Fun


SB and BA: Tainted Love

Dead Chars: Another One Bites the Dust

OpOp and Megs: We Didn't Start the Fire

Tigs and ARazor: Titanic theme (I'll never let go)

SB: Uptown Girl

Cheets: When I come Around

Tarry: Any 9 Inch Nails Song

Inferno: Great Balls of Fire

Inferno: Chariots of Fire

All the Preds: We Like to Party

Megs: Mr. Vain

Depthcharge & Rampage: In the Navy

SB (again): I'm Too Sexy

All the Maxis: Jungle Boogie

Rattrap: most Billy Joel songs

Everyone: Rollercoaster of Love