Break Time
By: Silverblade

Narrator: Ok, time for the play!

Optimus: But were all too tired out from saving the world! Give us a break! Plus all Megatron will do is sit in that corner and cry!

Megatron: Why did he have to go?? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Narrator: *Rolls her eyes* Sheesh! Ok, fine, today is a break day. What do you want to do???

Optimus: Go back to Cybertron!

Narrator: *Sighs* I am not a rocket scientist, k? At least not yet anyway.

Optimus: But can't we just buy one??

Narrator: NO! Now, will you tell me something else you want to do, or else, we'll just do a play ok?

Optimus: *Looks scared* Ok ok! Let's...... ummmmmmmm... what can we do on this planet?

Narrator: Uuuuuhhh, let's go to the mall, we can buy stuff, and then go out to eat.

Megatron: *Perks up, forgetting all about Richard Simmons, fortunately!* OOoooohhhhh!!!!! The MALL!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! There are LOTS of pretty dresses there!!! Can I buy some???? huh? huh????

Narrator: *Sighs, and peels off 100 dollars to him* Ok, knock yourself out (literally hopefully!:)) but just don't bother us ok?

Megatron: *Is running off, and doesn't hear her* OOoooohh!!!! YAY! lots of pretty shiny things to buy!!!!! Too little time!!!!

Narrator: *Yells* TAKE A CENTURY IF YOU WANT! Now, everyone, follow me, we will go to the other mall, the one at the opposite side of the one Megatron's in. Ummmmmmmm, you all won't fit in my car..... Optimus, you carry us!

Optimus: *Groans* is that all I'm good for??? Transportation????

Narrator: No, your good for everything, now lets go!

Optimus: *is confused* Was that sarcastic, or not?

Narrator: Does it matter? I don't even know, now times short, so lets get going.

~Two minutes later, they're in the mall~

Narrator: Ok! Everyone go wherever you want! Just NO TROUBLE!!!! GOT it?! *Gives them the evil eye*

Everyone: *Nods* EEP! Ok *they run off*

~Half an hour later, they all met up~

Optimus: *Sniff* they said I was too big to buy anything! And some people thought I was an advertisement for 'The Iron Giant' and tried to make me stand in font of this one place forever! Then they got mad at me, just because I started talking to people!

Narrator: Ummmmm.... ok... I think you should leave Optimus for your own good... those sales people get nasty..

Quickstrike: They said I didn't qualify to but a missile launcher!

Narrator: *Looks confused, and surprised* They sell THOSE here???!

Quickstrike: I don't know, they just said I was Psychotic, and couldn't buy anything! Not even a danged pistol!

Narrator: I'm not surprised...

Quickstrike: WHAT??

Narrator: Nothing.... heheh

Megatron: *Suddenly bursts in, crying* Waaaahhhh! They said I was too big to fit in their dresses, but I know they meant to say FAT! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

Narrator: *Sigh* lets just go now ok... *looks around at the chaotic scene forming around her* Oh no... *buries her face in her hands, and walks away* MAN! My allowance can NOT cover all this damage!

Megatron: OH! A big dress! They lied!!!

Sales person: Um.... sir.. that's in the mationary section......