By: Mako

Clinton: A package for me? Probably another severed head from Starr. Sigh.

~ Opens package. Inferno in beast mode pops out ~

Clinton: Wow! A big stuffed ant, I wonder how he fit in such a small package. Better call the tech boys....

~ Inferno suddenly gets very scared by Clinton's last statement. But he has a mission to do… ~

Inferno: Inferno, TERRORIZE!!!

Clinton: Woooow! That was so groovy. He looks kind of foreign... Hey! Did Yassir Arafat send you? I knew he'd felt guilty missing my birthday!


Clinton: Hold on there, that all depends on your definition of adultery.

Inferno: Explain.

Later, we see Hilary and Megatron having champagne together when Inferno comes in….

Inferno: Royalty, I could not accomplish my mission. I don't know how or why, but he convinced me not to kill/impeach him.

Hilary: ...

Megs: WHAT?! Argh! Oh well, call Trent Lott and tell him the bad news. Back to Plan A I suppose... but it's only a matter of time before I am President and with you at my side of course.

~ Inferno getting scared again ~

Inferno: Me?

Megs: NO! Not you, Hillary, here.

Inferno: but she isn't real. See?

-Inferno pokes Hillary and the doll deflates-

Megs: NOOOO!!!!!!

-Megatron starts to cry and quickly holds what's left to the doll in his hands-

Megs: No. Don't die, please. I need you, please. Promise me, promise me you won't let go. I'll never let go. I'll never let go!

-Inferno walks quietly out to let the "pair" have some personal time-

Mako: Yo.

Inferno: Hey...Oh, hey, Mako, why'd you write this crazy thing anyway?

Mako: I dunno. I'm just a bit bored, I guess.

Inferno: Oh. You wanna step out for some pizza then? My treat, Oh wait, I don't have any money....

Mako: No problem!

-I take out a small keyboard and rapidly type. Suddenly it starts raining money-

Inferno: Woah!

Mako: Pretty sweet, eh? I love being the writer. And now I command this story to END. So it is written, so it is done!