By: Silverblade

Narrator: Ok guys, time for another play, get over here! (a collective groan is heard from them)

Tarantulas: I don't have to be a fairy again do I?

Narrator: No, you get to be Rapunzel's pregnant mom with a craving for salad!

Tarantulas: (has a horrified look on his face) OOooh no!! Nononononononononooo!

Narrator: OOh! Great! Use that face for when the witch says she's going to take

Rapunzel! (Tarantulas sulks into the shadows grumbling)

Narrator: Ok now! Here's the rest of the parts, unfortunately, we don't have enough parts for all of you. (a collective sigh of relief is heard) But here we go, Airazor, you are Rapunzel, Megatron, you are...

Megatron: Not a girl part again is it?? PLEASE NO?

Narrator: Actually, you are going to be the prince...

Airazor: WHAT?! I don't THINK SO! I AM NOT going to pretend to love him!

Narrator: Oh you'll get over it. Why don't you two practice the kissing scene?

Airazor: (runs away in terror screaming)

Narrator: Uh oh. This isn't good...Ok, were going to have to change around the parts...(starts writing in her notebook) Ok, Tarantulas, you aren't the mother anymore...

Tarantulas: Whew!

Narrator: Megatron will be her.


Narrator: Oh don't worry, I got the most pretty dress for you (shoves it in his face) put it on.

Megatron: (walks away saying) OOooh! It's silky! And what a pretty pink...

Narrator: (rolls her eyes) Anyway, BA, you will be Rapunzel, and Tarantulas, you will be the prince.

Tarantulas & BA: WHAT??!!!

BA: I'm NOT going to KISS him!!! I mean look at his face, would YOU kiss something like that??

Tarantulas: Hmph

Narrator: (thinks for a moment) No, I most definitely wouldn't.

BA: Whew

Narrator: But I don't, and YOU do! So I don't have to worry about it!

BA: NOOooooo! (Slumps down on the floor and weeps)

Tarantulas: (looks hurt) Well I can't be THAT bad! Why doesn't just EVERYONE insult how I look now, hmmmm? It's not my fault, I even tried plastic surgery, but it didn't work! (everyone snickers)

Narrator: Ok OK! That's enough! Rattrap you're gonna be.... (looks around at the scene forming)

Tarantulas: I'LL SLAG YOU ALL!

BA: Not if we slag you first!

Megatron: (comes out wearing pink dress) I wanna slag him first!

Everyone: (all at once) no I do, No I do! NoIdoNoIdonoIdonoIdo! (All the Predacons, and Maximals get into a big fight)

Narrator: (sighs) I give up! (walks away)

Megatron: Oh now look what you've done, you ripped up my pretty dress! You meanies! I'll get you for that!.....