Behind the Scenes
By: Silverblade

Megatron: We have GOT to put a stop to this! The way she is writing... it makes me look like a girl! She makes me wear dresses, and LIKE it! And I act like a little girl!

Optimus: Well.... that isn't too far from the truth.... you might as well stop pretending that you don't like it... *snickers are heard around the room*

Megatron: Why you!...

Optimus: Anyway, we all have our problems with this... I'm too big to do ANYTHING useful ,and it's getting annoying....

Megatron: You're not useful for ANYTHING Optimus Primal!

Optimus: Oh shut up!

Dinobot: Well I only got to be in one play, and all I did was growl!!!

Rattrap: Well.... more than half the time that's all you do anyway.. and that's pretty much all of your personality.. GAK!

Dinobot: Why you little.... I'll slag you now and get it over with....

Optimus: *Pulls them apart* Enough you two! This is serious!

Airazor: Well I sort of LIKE acting... I just wish she would start giving me parts that didn't involve kissing some of you ugly gallots....

All males: HEY!

Rattrap: Oh, come on! I know that you and BA have the hots for me so...

BA & Airazor: WHAT?!

BA: *Grabs him by the neck* Do I have to slag you AGAIN to get my point through???

Rattrap: Ack... N-nope... *gasp* .

BA: *Drops him* GOOD.

Rattrap: But we all know that the point is that you really like me! So... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! *starts running from a very angry BA with a murder glint in her eye*

Airazor: Hey, wait up! I wanna slag him too! *runs after him*

Optimus: OH C'MON! Can't we go two minutes, without wanting to slag Rattrap???

Everyone: Nope.

Silverbolt: *Is also running after Rattrap* How dare you defile my lovely's name by saying that she loves you! Her heart only beats for me....

Optimus: *Buries his face in his hands* I give up!

Narrator: OOOOoooooooohhhhhhh Optimuuuuussss! I got a part for you, a good speaking part! You get to be the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk...

Optimus: Well, I prefer THAT to this, *points to the corner of the room where Airazor, BA, and Silverbolt have Rattrap cornered, and are about to slag him*

Narrator: OK! Time to start the play... MAN! Are you guys fighting AGAIN!?.....